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Some crustaceans eat shrimp.

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What do crustacean eat?

they eat small sea life.

What eats an crustacean?

they eat PENGAS

What crustacean do seals eat?


What do snow petrels eat?

they eat fish, squid, crustacean and scavenging dead whales.

What type of fish would eat a crustacean?

An octopus or squid

Is a sea urchin a crustacean?

A sea urchin is considered a crustacean. They are related to sea stars, sea cucumbers. They eat small fish and algae.

What do narwars eat?

its narwhals not narwars narwhals eat shrimp squid halibut and other crustacean

Is a crustacean a carnivore?

They are omnivores, so they eat both meat and plants.

What does crustacean?

crustacean does indeed

What kind of food does seahorse eat?

seahorses eat plankton and small crustacean. <3 1-4-3!

Is a crab a crustacean?

a crab is a crustacean

Is a bird a crustacean?

No. A bird is not a crustacean.

Is an eel a crustacean?

a eel is a crustacean

Is a crustacean a decomposer?

crustacean is not a decomposer

Is a stingray a crustacean?

No a stingray is not a crustacean.

Is an octopus a crustacean?

Is an octopus a crustacean?

What else do dolphins like to eat?

Well i know dolphins eat squids crawfish and small crustacean type things. :]

Can sand dollars eat sugar?

Sand dollars live in ocean and they do not eat sugar. The 80% of their diet is crustacean larvea.

Is a grasshopper a arachnidinsect or a crustacean?

Is a grasshopper a crustacean

Is a grasshopper arachnid insect or crustacean?


Is a frog a crustacean?

No, a frog is an amphibian, not a crustacean.

Are mollusks a crustacean?

No. A crustacean is an extinct animal.

Is a whale a crustacean?

A whale is not a crustacean. A crustacean may be a shrimp, crab, or lobster. They can be found in the water.

How do leafy sea dragons find their food?

They use their camoflague ability to sneak on their prey. They eat mysids, they eat planktin and crustacean.

Does the green sea turtle eat fish?

Type your answer here... when they are babs they eat jelly fish shrimp and crustacean but adults are herbavores