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What does customs mean?

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Language, religious beliefs, values, customs and other ways of life shared by a group of people.

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What does religious practices mean?

They mean to follow religious customs

What does 'customs clearing' mean?

Customs clearing refers to the process of goods being approved through customs. Customs laws apply to both exported and imported goods.

What does the DC logo mean?

deirdeck customs

What does curtle mean?

the ideas and customs of groups of people

What does the word customs mean?

it is like a way of life

What customs did they bring with them to New Jersey?

it mean your the illest

What does coutumes mean in English?

Coutumes are customs. Things that are usual, customary. Do not confuse with Douanes, which are the Customs you go through at a border.

What does customs clearance processing complete mean with USPS?

it means that the mail/package is cleared from Customs and you should be receiving it soon.

What does it mean to be Haitian?

to live in haiti and follow their customs and rules

What is Anduana?

I guess that you mean Aduana , Aduana is Spanish for "Customs"

What does ICE mean on the jackets of police?

Immigration and customs enforcement

What are the costoms of Switzerland?

Your question is ambiguous. Do you mean 'customs' or costumes'?

What does Aduana mean?

It means "customs", as in control of borders and import/export.

What does 'la aduana' mean in English?

It means "customs".

What does the word chivalry mean and how was it important to a knight?

The rules and customs of medieval knighthood.

What are Africas customs?

africas customs are africas customs

What do you mean of smuggling?

To import or export without paying lawful customs charges or duties.

What holidays and special customer does France have?

I think u mean special customs not customer

What is the difference between traditions and customs?

Tradition mean custom. No different except that the spelling.

How do you register firearms with US customs?

It depends on what you mean. There is no requirement to register firearms in the U.S.

What does undignified mean?

Something that is lacking self respect or ignoring the customs and beliefs of a society.

What are their eating customs in Jamaica?

what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica

What is special customs?

A special customs is a customs you ware on a special day.

What are two customs of Russia?

Not sure what you mean by customs, but vodka and ice hockey are probably the two biggest Russian hobbies. If you're looking for culture, it'd probably be Ballet and Opera.

What is a sentence for customs?

The customs official stopped him.We ask you to respect other people's customs and traditions.