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It's Como estas, which means: how are you?

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What does twilight mean in Spanish?

twilight in spanish is crepusculo:-D

What does d mean in spanish?

d is a letter of the alphabet in Spanish, just as it is in English. It can also sometimes be an abbreviation of de, which means "of"

What does la pelicula mean in Spanish?

La Pelicula means films in spanish. =D

What does the spanish word fuiste mean?

fuiste is the past you form for did you go, or you went in spanish :D

What does the name Monica mean in Spanish?

The name monica in spanish and English comes from the spanish word "moniqita" meaning "doll" so yes it does mean beautiful. =D

How do you say d in spanish?

The letter d is spelled the same in Spanish as in English, d.

Who do you say a in Spanish?

i think you mean how. any way its a, pronounced as Ah. Your welcome ;D

What does pi pi mean in Spanish?

pipi means pee pee or urine :D

What is the greek word for manage?

If by "manage" you mean to accomplish something, then it's " Καταφέρνω"(kataferno). If you mean it like "manage a business" then it is "διαχειρίζομαι" (diaheerizomeh) (d is read like the spanish d)

What is d in Spanish?

D. It has a much softer sound in Spanish, something like "th" in English.

What is Que fecha es hoy mean in spanish?

It means "What's today's date?" You're welcome :D

What does ay caray mean?

no it doesnt mean oh my gosh. It means, "D a m n it!" in Spanish. and just a fact, mierda means "S h i t!" in Spanish. :) Glad i could help you! This is the right answer, by the way.

What does con permiso mean?

it means excuse me:) like if u wuld a hav bumped into sum 1 u wuld say tht in spanish :D thnx :^D

What does dase mean in spanish?

In my spanish homework it is actually C-L-A-S-E with the c and l smoshed to look like d. so instead of clase, I read dase.

What is Spanish for prince?

Príncipe is Spanish for prince. Hope that helped! :D

What does chupa mi pinga mean in English?

Chupa mi pinga is Swahili which can be translated to English to mean I oppose that bottle. In Spanish, it means "suck my d*ck".

What mean D?

:D mean your happy

What does horale que bien yo dambien mean?

This is the Spanish version of, "Right on! Cool! Me too!" 'También' is spelled with a 't', not a 'd'.

Spell square in spanish?

The word "square" in Spanish translates as: cuadrado and is spelled: c-u-a-d-r-a-d-o

What are some spanish words that begin the letter D?

Dulce is Spanish for sweet. Divertido is Spanish for entertaining. Delicioso is Spanish for delicious. Delgado is Spanish for thin.

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