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Daschund in German is still daschund. Daschund is German. You should have worded your question to ask what this breed name means in English, and it means badgerdog.

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Q: What does dachshund mean in German?
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What does 'dachshunds' mean in German?

The direct translation of 'dachshunds' from German to English is 'dackel'. The origin of the Dachshund is Germany. "Slinky" from Toy Story is a Dachshund.

What does the German name 'Dachshund' mean?

The direct translation is "badger hound".

What is the German word for a dachshund?

Dachshund. It is a German word literally meaning "Badger dog," which they were bred to hunt.

How do you pronounce dachshund in German?

Dachshund is pronounced "dacks-hooned".

What language is the word dachshund from?

The word "Dachshund" is German and means badger and dog.

What does the German name dachshund mean?

Dachshund translates as badger dog. It was originally bred for hunting badgers.

What is a German breed dog with a long body but short legs?


How did the dachshund get its name?

German for "bader dog"

How big will a German shepherd dachshund mix get?

smaller than a german sheperd, but not by much.

What is a badger dog?

A badger dog is another name for the dachshund - the word dachshund literally means "badger hound" in German.

What A German breed dog of with long body and short legs?

It is a Dachshund.

How did the word dachshund come into the English language?

Well, the dachshund (or sausage dog) is a German breed of dog and the word dachshund came into the English language when we started owning dachshunds. Basically the word dachshund is in the English language because that a breed of dog that English speaking people have.

What breed of dog is called the badger dog?

The badger dog is the Dachshund. In fact, that's what its breed name mean in German - "dachs" mean badger and "hund" means dog. The name derived from the Dachshund's original use, that is, to hunt badgers by digging deep down into its burrow and fighting with the fierce ones.

How do you get German Shepherd in nintendog daschund and friends?

to get the German shepherd on dachshund and friends you need 30,ooo trainer points

What is the prey of dachshunds?

Mostly Badgers, Dachshund means Badger Dog in German.

What is the most popular breed of dog in 2010?

German shepherd, dachshund, and boxer

What breed's name means badger dog?

Dachshund. It came from two German words "dachs" meaning badger, and "hund" meaning dog. And also, the dachshund was called dachshund because it was used for hunting badgers.

What is the synonym and antonym for Dachshund?

Synonyms are words that mean the same, and antonyms are words that mean the opposite. But not all words have an antonym. A synonym for Dachshund would be Wiener dog, but there is nothing that is a direct opposite of a Dachshund.

What language does the word dachshund come from?

"Dachshund" literally means "badger dog". "Dachs" is German for badger and "hund" is German for dog. These dogs were originally bred for hunting; specifically for crawling into badger dens and pulling out the badger.

When were dashunds originated?

Dachshund is a German word for 'Badger Dog' and also originated in Germany.

How did the word dachshund come into the English dictionary?

Dachshund comes from the German Dachshund, literally, "badger dog," from Dachs "badger" and Hund "dog". Hund is also the origin of the English word hound.

How do you say sit in German when telling a Dachshund to sit?

Sitzen-pronounced just like it looks

What breed is Ariana Grande's dog?

Its a dachshund (wiener dog) German shepherd mix.

What is the origin of the word dachshund?

Dachshund is German for badger In Germany-where they came from-they were badger hunting dogs so they were named dachsund. dachs-badger hund-dog so they are named badger dogs.

How do you spell dachshund?