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As far as i know, 'de arimasu' does not have any real meaning.

Like Kenshin saying 'oro'.


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What is i hope you are doing well in Japanese?

'Ogenki de arimasu youni'.

What does that mean in English Meccha 2kayoi Takusan hanasitaikoto arimasu when translated from Japanese?

takusan = many/a lothanashitai = to want to talkkoto = topicarimasu = there is (for non-living things)Takusan hanashitai koto arimasu. = There are many things I wish to speak about.

What is Japanese for 'there's'? arimasu for example = there's a book = hon ga arimasu

What does Yuubinkyoku wa restoran no chikaku ni arimasu mean in English?

'The post office is near the restaurant.'

What does Basutei wa kouen no Mae ni arimasu mean in English?

'The bus stop is in front of the park.'

What does Bijutsukan wa kouen no tonari ni arimasu mean in English?

'The art museum is by/next to the park.'

What does Gasorinstando wa machi kara tooku ni arimasu mean in English?

'The gas station is away from the town.'

What does arimasu mean in Japanese?

It is the -masu form of the verb 'aru,' which means "to exist, to be, to have" but only in the context of inanimate objects.

How do you say have in Japanese?

There are various ways to say that you have something in Japanese. This is one of the basic ways. For example: "I have a pencil." "Watashi WA enpitsu ga arimasu." In spoken Japanese, the person is often left out so it becomes: "Enpitsu ga arimasu." Arimasu is just one way to save "have".

How do you say do you have in Japanese?

"(Person) ni (Object) WA arimasu ka?" is a way of asking this question. For example, Anata ni pen WA arimasu ka?" means "do you have/own a pen?"

How do you say flowers in the garden in Japanese?

"flowers in the garden" = "niwa de hana";"there are flowers in the garden" = "niwa ni WA hana ga arimasu";"I saw flowers in the garden" = "niwa de (watashi WA) hana o mimasu"

How do you say you are allergic to shellfish in Japanese?

shifudo ni arerugii ga arimasu.

How do you say do you have a bracelet in Japanese?

You may say "buresuretto ga arimasu ka."

How do you say 'I have a question' in Japanese?

You may say 'shitsumon ga arimasu.'

What is the Japanese language of you have a big problem?

'Anata ni WA dai mondai ga arimasu.'

What is 'Ogenki de arimasu youni' in English?

"Please be alright (healthy)!" - Kind of said in a way that seems as if it would be said by someone in a search party looking for a missing person "Please, I pray/beg of you to be okay!!"

What is the word 'have' when translated from English to Japanese?

verb - aru (plain form) arimasu (polite form)

What is the verb for to have in Japanese?

have=aruEx. I have ten dollars.= Watashi WA 10 doru arimasu. (conjugated form)

What does cino de mayo mean?

what does cino de mayo mean?

How do you say have you see my grandson In Japanese?

GOOGLE TRANSLATE : Watashi no mago o mita koto ga arimasu ka?

How do you say 'is there any water or food here' in Japanese?

ここでお水と食べ物がありますか Koko de omizu to tabemono ga arimasu ka.

What does son de mean?

Son de is often used to mean son of. Usually one would just use de as in de Paul would mean son of Paul.

What is De mean?

de means of in spanish

What is the Japanese translation for do you have?

You may say '[object] ga arimasu ka,' written: []がありますか

How do you translate do you have a homework in Japanese?

Shukudai ga arimasu ka? (宿題がありますか?)