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What does demographic change mean?


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Demographic change means there has been a change in the population. The demographic can change in terms of its size, the age of the demographic, lifestyle expectations etc.


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'Product demographic' refers to the segment of society that a product will provide the best sales of the product. A company must know the correct demographic for a product in order to design it to appeal to that demographic and design the sales activities to target that demographic.

Age is a type of demographic. Demographics are the most recent statistical characteristics of a population/group.

When demographic environmental factors change, businesses have to adjust. They have to make sure that their products are meeting the needs of the new market.

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The theory suggests that there is a link between demographic change and racially motivated crimes.

With regard to political parties, demographic support refers to the kinds of people who are most likely to support the party's ideas. For instance, the demographic for the Republican party is usually blue collar workers, who are religious and conservative.

Trends of demographic can be written or represented in a graph, showing the ages, genders, wealth of people living in certain communities. Business use demographics to know where and who to aim the product to.

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On a job application, when you are asked for prior Demographic information, it probably means previous names (maiden name), change of address, etc - look to see if it has space for a name or something; that should clue you in.

The 2000 census gathered a wealth of demographic information.

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