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Demographic change means there has been a change in the population. The demographic can change in terms of its size, the age of the demographic, lifestyle expectations etc.

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2011-11-29 18:10:58
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Q: What does demographic change mean?
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Does demographic change include financial change?

yes, demographic change include financial change as demographic change includes educational change and change in health facilities and this can be happened if people have money.

What does Prior Demographic mean?

Previous Name

What does product demographic mean?

'Product demographic' refers to the segment of society that a product will provide the best sales of the product. A company must know the correct demographic for a product in order to design it to appeal to that demographic and design the sales activities to target that demographic.

Does demographic mean age?

Age is a type of demographic. Demographics are the most recent statistical characteristics of a population/group.

Which environmental factor is the most important for marketing-demographic change or technological change?

its the technological change that is improtant hahhahaha :)

Which is NOT an example of a demographic change?

decrease in the use of automobiles

How do birth and death rates change when a population goes through the demographic?

They decrease

What demographic characteristics within the US is likely to change with rising immigration?


When you modify a managing account which elements can you change?

The managing account demographic information

What types of demographic change occurred during 1920s?

Niggahh Shut up

Impact of demographic environment factors on business?

When demographic environmental factors change, businesses have to adjust. They have to make sure that their products are meeting the needs of the new market.

What does demograghic mean?

demographic means the statistical study of human population

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