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What does deseo mean?

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What does the spanish word deseo mean in English?

wish Deseo can mean I wish, I want, or I desire.

What does 'le deseo' mean in spanish?

le deseo means 'i wish' in spanish

What does deseo mean in Spanish?


What does te deseo mean in spanish?

The sentence te deseo means "I desire you." (I want you - literally I wish you, no object)The word deseo translates as "I wish" or as the noun "desire."

What does com te deseo mean?

I want you

What does the spanish word deseo mean?

"deseo" is used in a sentence like this.. "yo tengo deseo una limonada" i just said i have a desire for one limonade.. "deseo" actually means "to desire" in 'yo' (i) form the original word is actually desear. It can also be a noun, as is the use here, el deseo. :)

What to does deseo que podemos mean?

I wish that we could....

What does deseo besarte mean?

It means "I want to kiss you."

What does Si yo tambien te deseo mean?

if i also desire you

What does Te deseco?

I think you mean "Te deseo" = I desire you / I fancy you

What does te deseo paz mean in English?

It means, "To you I desire peace."

What does deseo hablar español mean?

It means "I want to speak Spanish".

When was Csaba Deseo born?

Csaba Deseo was born in 1939.

When was El Deseo created?

El Deseo was created in 1986.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deseo otro deseo otro - 2004?

The cast of Deseo otro deseo otro - 2004 includes: Julieta Amadeo Lucas Depaoli Ursula Recio

What does Yo no deseo no lengua que a pesta mean?

Okay,,,, the words mean: I do not want the tongue (because) (that) it stinks.

How do you say 'I wish' in Spanish?

Yo deseo.Deseo

What does Le deseo que la mía mean in english?

I wish you were mine sometimes

What is mean in spanise te deseo lo mejor bellaca in English?

major bellaca

What does Deseo que estas aqui ahorita mean in English?

I wish that you were here right now.

What does deseo agregar tu cumpleanos mean?

This means "I wish to add your birthday" (for example, to my calendar).

How do you say I desire you in spanish?

Te deseo."I desire" in Spanish would be "Yo deseo".

What is the duration of Así te deseo?

The duration of Así te deseo is 1.42 hours.

When was Así te deseo created?

Así te deseo was created on 1948-02-18.

What deseo compaitir esta felicidad con todos mean in English?

I wish to share this happiness with all of you.

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