What does dios mio mean?

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It is the Spanish equivalent of "My god" in English.
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What does 'dio' mean?

"Dió" is the Spanish word for "he (or she) gave". It is pronounced "dee-OH". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Trans

What does Como son la gente dios mio mean?

"What are the people like. Oh, God" is the literal translation. This though is used more as a way of saying "What are the people coming to".

English lyrics of Pace Pace Mio Dio?

Peace, peace, O God! She comes down. Cruel misfortune compels me, alas, to languish; my suffering has lasted for so many years, as profound as on the first day. Pe
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What is 'O Dio mio' when translated from Italian to English?

" Oh my God! " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase O Dio mio! Specifically, the interjection o means "oh." The masculine noun Dio means "god." The masculine
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What does this mean in English ay dios mio yo el amor qué tu dicho?

¡Dios santísimo! ¡Cuán difícil se las han de ver los que enseñan castellano en descifrar menudos enredijos! Ay dios mio = Oh my god (OMG?) yo = I el