What does dios mio mean?

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It is the Spanish equivalent of "My god" in English.
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What does Vaya con dios amiga mean?

vaya = go, con = with, dios = God, amiga = friend.. 'Go with God friend' is a hopeful way of saying bye. The Spanish equivalent of may God be with you.. "Go with God" is correct, as is "friend" as has been reported. But there is one more piece of information given here. Amiga is the Spanish word t (MORE)

What does vios con dios mean?

According to an Google translation, vios does not translate. The translation tells me vios con dios means vios with God. Edit: Vios is not a word; It's Vaya "Go with God"

In Japanese language what does Mio mean?

Mio means "Beautiful, cherry blossom. Thread". 美 (mi), Meaning "beautiful" is combined with 桜 (ou), meaning "cherry blossom", or 緒 (o) meaning "thread". Information from: http://www.behindthename.com/name/mio

What does buenos dios mean?

"No such thing as "buenos dios". However, there are two posibilities here. First: "buenos dias" which means "good day" and it is used in a way of a salute such as "good morning" or " have a good day". Second possibility would be: "bueno, dios" which is used as "oh well god"." Direct Translation it (MORE)

What does 'dio' mean?

"Dió" is the Spanish word for "he (or she) gave". It is pronounced "dee-OH". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answers.com/library/Translations

What does San Dios mean in English?

\nSANDIOS is short for 'San Diego Online Society', a San Diego non-profit organization that provides offline crowdsourcing for San Diego executives in Software, Internet and Telecommunication. The official website is located at www.sandios.com

Que ago dios mio mi problema es grande mi muger y yo no nos queremos?

Creo que hay veces donde hay que decidir entre hacer lo facil y hacer lo correcto , si realmente no se quieren creo que deberian cortar la relacion y asi abrirse a la posibilidad de encontrar algo mejor para ambos. Tambien pueden empezar terapia de pareja. Pero creo que la respuesta la tenes vos. (MORE)

What does Gloria Dios mean in English?

"Gloria a Dios" means "glory to God". It is pronounced "GLOR-ee-ah ah Dee-OSE". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What does amorcito mio mean?

Literally translated it means "my love", but it's more loosely used in Spanish to mean "Sweety or Babe', but in an affectionate manner.

English lyrics of Pace Pace Mio Dio?

Peace, peace, O God! She comes down. Cruel misfortune compels me, alas, to languish; my suffering has lasted for so many years, as profound as on the first day. Peace, peace, O God! I loved him, it is true! But God had blessed him with such beauty and courage that I love him still, (MORE)

What does affezionato mio famiglia mean?

'My loving family' is one English equivalent of 'affezionata [la] mia famiglia'. The definite article 'la' ['the'] often is dropped in conversational or poetic Italian. The phrase is pronounced 'ah-FEH-tsoh-NAH-tah [lah] MEE-ah fah-MEE-lyah'.

What does alla fine del mondo mio mean?

" To the end of my world " is an English equivalent of " alla fine del mondo mio ." Specifically, the word " alla " combines the preposition " a " and the feminine singular definite article " la " to mean "to the." The feminine singular noun " fine " means "end." The word " del " combines the prepo (MORE)

What does dios mia mi amigo mean?

"God, my friend Mia." In Spanish, the adjetive comes AFTER the noun, that way, you already know what you're talking about. While in English, you have to wait until afterwards to know what you're talking about. Spanish avoids confusion. An alternate translation: Using the "mío" not as a name, (MORE)

What is the meaning of o mio babbino caro?

It's about a young woman that is pleaing to her father to help her marry the one she loves, they hope for money in a will along with others but the will denys them. So she sings o mia bambino caro to her father expressing that she would rather die than go on. After hearing o mia bambino caro her fat (MORE)

What does gracias a dios you usted mean?

Gracias a Dios = Thanks to God. You is not a spanish word. Usted = formal form or "you" another answer by francis: probably you didn't mean "you" although in spanish it's sounds like that., probably the frase was: gracias a dios, y usted? which is a very popular answer in latinamerica (MORE)

What is 'O Dio mio' when translated from Italian to English?

" Oh my God! " is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase O Dio mio! Specifically, the interjection o means "oh." The masculine noun Dio means "god." The masculine possessive adjective mio means "my." The pronunciation is "oh DEE-oh MEE-oh."

What is pa bien hay gracias a dios siip mean?

That is not standard Spanish, since the form " pa " is a contraction of " para " and "sip" or "siip" is an informal way of saying " sí ". And sincerely, despite I speak Spanish, the phrase " pa bien, hay gracias a Dios, siip " doesn't mean anything clear. IT doesn't make sense.

What does claro si prima mio mean in spanish?

The lack of punctuation, and an apparent grammatical error, make this very ambiguous. Taking it word by word: claro = clear (adjective); (also 'aclaro') I clarify; evidently, clearly (also 'skylight', 'gap', 'interval', 'bald spot', 'glade', etc., etc.) si (with no accent) = if; (with an acc (MORE)

What does this mean in English ay dios mio yo el amor qué tu dicho?

¡Dios santísimo! ¡Cuán difícil se las han de ver los que enseñan castellano en descifrar menudos enredijos! Ay dios mio = Oh my god (OMG?) yo = I el amor = (the) love que (with accent) = What? 'tu (has) dicho = you said. It could be an illiterate, literal translation (MORE)

What is the meaning of Buenos dias no da Dios?

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What does the word dios mean in spanish?

The word dios in Spanish means God in English. An example "Vaya con dios" means go with God. In Italian it is Dio, or Iddio. It derived from the Latin word deus.

What does si es mio mean?

With an accent over the first 'i', and a comma after, it means: 'Yes, you are//he/it is mine' Without the accent and comma, it means: 'If you are//he/it is mine'.

What is the meaning of vaya con dios?

'Vaya con dios' is a way of saying goodbye but it literally means 'go with God'. It was actually also the album title and the name of the group who composed it that was released in 1988.

What is the meaning of O Sole Mio?

O sole mio is an Italian phrase which when translated into English means my sunshine. There is a popular Italian song, O Sole Mio, which has been covered by artists such as Tony Bennett and Luciano Pavarotti.

What does a dios le pido mean in English?

"Dios le pido" means "One who asks God" in English. Someone who asks God is someone that speaks to the Lord and either thanks God for something or asks for something (prayer).

What does Quien como Dios mean in English?

Who like God? In Spanish it is a question, not a statment. But adefying question, so as in "You show me someone greater than God,if you can". Obviously, it refers to the Christian God, father ofJesus the Christ, and implies that there is no one like Him. It isthe warcry of Saint Michael, the Sword o (MORE)