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It means that you have successfully fulfilled the requirements of your sentence of probation and are released from "custody."

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Q: What does discharged from probation mean?
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Can you join the National Guard if you are on probation?

No, and you may be prohibited from enlisting after your probation is discharged.

When is a felony considered discharged?

after your probation ends

Can they still give you jail time if your probation is over?

What do you mean by over? If the Court has discharged you from probation then no. The Court cannot give you jail time on your probation charge after you have been discharged from probation. If, for example, you were granted a two year term of probation that was due to expire on 02/01/10 but failed to report and a warrant was issued in 2009 then you are not off the hook. The Court can suspend your probation if you violate the terms. Once it is ordered suspended then the Court retains jurisdiction until you are either relieved from probation supervision, continued on probation with a time extension, or revoked and sentenced to jail or prison.

Can a convicted felon leave the US after they have finished there probation?

If the court has discharged them from their sentence of probation, yes, they can travel wherever they please.

Why would offenders be discharged from probation when their behavior did not justify early termination of supervision?

pay off

Can you include probation fees in bankruptcy?

No. Obligations to the government cannot be discharged through bankruptcy action.

What does it mean when a sentence probation is revoked?

Revoked - Sentence/Probation

What does discharged mean on bankruptcy?

Debt discharged -- you no longer owe that money to that person.

What does it mean when a person receives a 3 year sentence withheld after serving 2 years already on probation?

It means that they have been found guilty and given a three year jail sentence, with two years probation up-front. If they serve those two years SUCCESSFULLY, they will be discharged from probation, and the remaining year of the sentence will be withheld. Probation is TOUGH - there can be a lot of rules and restrictions but - REMEMBER - you are on the outside. Don't screw up!

Can you bond out if you have a probation violation?

what does probation mean

What does it mean to be discharged from a bankruptcy?

Your bankruptcy case has been completed and it is now finished! discharged!

Can you get your probation revoked a month after you got off probation?

If you SUCCESSFULLY completed your probation sentence and were released from probation by the judge who sentenced you, you cannot now be charged with a VOP. HOWEVER, if you only THINK that your probation expired but you haven't gone to court to hear the judges discharge, you are NOT released just because the date came and went. The key words are "SUCCESSFULLY completed" and "were DISCHARGED" by the judge.

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