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What does dorsal mean?


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Dorsal means pertaining to the rear or posterior surface.

Pertaining to the back. Dorsal mean on or toward the back … as the Dorsal Fin of a fish runs down the center of its back.


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Dorsal means being at the back.

Rear, behind, back, or hind. Those words mean dorsal.

Alot because dorsal means like " the back" or something, but if you mean a dorsal fin, then none, no land animals.

dorsal, in anatomy at least, means towards the back side of the body. the reason why fish have a dorsal fin is because its on their back, like a shark fin.

What is dorsal cavity?

and this is the dorsal view

Dorsal is the back. Just think of a dolphin's dorsal fin and you'll never get ventral and dorsal mixed up again.

Dorsal is the back , along the spine, i.e., a dorsal fin on a fish, a person laying on their back is said to be in a dorsal recumbant position.

dorsal means being behind in position of so yes it is dorsal to the sternum

no not all whales have a dorsal fin. a beluga whale does not have a dorsal fin

the dorsal fin on a dorsal fin helps the dolphin not to roll when turning

There are two Dorsal fins on a perch. The anterior and posterior Dorsal fins.

The heart is dorsal to the breastbone

Dorsal or posterior mean back of the body.

The dorsal nerve cord is a hollow cord dorsal to the notochord.Read more: dorsal-nerve-cord

Dorsal root ganglions are larger in diameter than the dorsal root itself because they have axons on them. Dorsal root ganglions are also called spinal ganglions.

The dorsal side is the back where the spine is!

The dolphin has a dorsal fin.

dorsal, dorsale. Les dauphins ont une nageoire dorsale: dolphins have a dorsal fin.

If by bk you mean back, then the fin is called a dorsal fin

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