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Sodas dehydrate and increase the acid levels in your body. They also have alot of carbs and sugar.

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Q: What does drinking seven Cokes a day do to your body?
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How many cokes drank in 1 day?

4 cokes, lady in America drank 4 cokes before going to work! after work she drank 6!!

How many cokes are drunk in a day?


Is drinking soda the next day after drinking alcohol good?

It is neither good nor bad but keep in mind that drinking dehydrates the body and what would be best for your body the day after a night of drinking is water and/or any other hydrating drinks.

How much weight could you lose for exchanging water for cokes?

It depends how many cokes you normally drink in a day, and whether you drink high octane coke or the diet varieties - whatever the answers to those questions are, drinking water instead of coke likely to improve your health even if weight loss doesn't happen - and your teeth will thank you for it too!.

How many Cokes are made in a day?

over one billion

How much coke is consumed on Super Bowl day?

like thousands of cokes are served on super bowl day!

If you stop drinking cokes how much weight will you lose?

Well, assuming you don't compensate by eating more calories elsewhere, the formula: ((number of cokes not consumed)*(number of calories in each coke))/(3200, number of calories in a pound of fat), would give you the answer. So in theory, if someone who typically drank a 20oz coke with lunch every day instead drank water and ate the same quantity of food otherwise, in a year, 365 days, they would lose ((365 cokes not consumed)*250 calories)/(3200) = 28.5 pounds lost

Is it safe to drink 3 600ml bottles of water a day?

Drinking water keeps our body and mind active. Drinking 3 600ml bottles of water a day is really safe, specially if you are burning a large amount of calories in your body.

Drinkin lots of beer good for the body?

No, drinking just one beer is bound to harm your body. But continuously drinking all day, everyday is not a healthy living.

Does drinking water the day before a race help?

to pervent your body from sweating

What body systems are used when drinking water on a hot day?

digestive sysytem

Does drinking a lot of water clean your system?

Drinking alot of water ( 6-8 glasses a day) is a good thing. It helps to flush the body, as well as keep the body hydrated.

How does alcohol affects the body?

Will drinking beer every day cause noise bleeds

Can a person drink 5gallons of water a day and lose weight?

NO. You would not survive drinking that much water. Drinking a lot of water in a short time destroys the body's chemical balance. Drinking 3 quarts in a day could be dangerous; and five gallons is 20 quarts.

What is dehydration and how can a sportsman prevent it?

you can get dehydrated by not drinking I enough fluids to help your body. you can prevent it by drinking loads of water every day and drinking loads during and after sports. I hope I managed to help you...

How many cokes will be consumed worldwide in the next hour?

About 27-million. That's over 600-million per day.

Does taking a lot of water reduce weight?

Drinking a a lot of water will not make you lose weight, its good for hydrating your body. Drinking water has many health benefits, it is recommend to drink 8 glasses of water in a day. It improve the body immune and prevent your body to dehydrated.

Can you die from drinking a pint of vodka a day?

depends upon your tolerance....and body size...other factors included.

How long can you live witout drinking water?

you can live for about 3 day's without drinking any anything. by drinking juice you can live for a while because you are drinking a bit of water if you don't drink any water at all but milk and pop then you can't live for a very long time so you should drink about half your body weight every day then you can live for a long time

Is water edible?

Yes, water is edible. In fact, you should be drinking 2L every day to keep your body healthy.

What two body systems are involved in drinking water on a hot day?

the mouth, which takes water in, and the genitals, which lets water out.

Is drinking sulfuric acid good for you because i drink a liter a day?

No. It is chemical that will burn your throat and other body systems.

After a night of drinking my body hurts. Why?

It's called a hangover. Alcohol is a type of poison. The next day as the body tries to metabolise the alcohol, a person may feel ill.

How much water should you be drinking?

8 glasses of water a day . it will flush out your kidney,quench your thirst and improve your body physically

When is the best time for drinking protein?

Mornings are the best time to drink protein because your body then has all day to utilize the protein.