What does each skull do on Halo 3?

All 13 skulls do different stuff that make the whole game harder but my favorite one in the Grunt birthday party which is located on crow's nest when you activate it you shoot grunts and confetti comes out of them edited--- iron-when you die you start at the beginning of the lvl black eye- to get your health back you must hit enemies tough luck- enemies dodge grenades slow moving projectile's and vehicle's

catch- enemies throw more grenades

fog- i think it takes away your radar -famine-you only get 50% of the ammo your enemies dropped when they died thunderstorm- i think your enemies get upgraded to the next lvl of enemy--grunt turns to jackal maybe? tilt- enemies are now harder to kill mythic-gives enemies twice as much health

blind- you know the grenades and radar and lil circle thing that shows you where to shoot? Your gun and bullets u can't see anything.

cowbell- grenade explosions are bigger :) grunt birthday party- when you shoot a grunt in the head the grunt explodes into confetti and you can hear a "yaaaaaaay!' in the back ground..the yaaaay sounds like a bunch of kids at a birthday party- the i would have been you daddy- or iwhbyd- unlocks hidden dialouge....im not sure really though.... :( your welcome!