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The out of Africa theory is that the homo-sapiens evolved in Africa and then displaced all other homo. The multiregional theoyr is that homo-sapiens simultaneously evolved at different areas all around the earth. The multiregional theory argues for interbreeding rather than homo-sapiens wiping out all other species.

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What is Out of Africa?

The theory that mankind began in Africa and eventually migrated around the world.

What scientists have worked on the theory of emergence?

There have been many scientists that have worked on the theory of emergence over the years. Emergence theory has been written about by scientists such as Julian Huxley and John Stuart Miller.

The endosymbiotic theory has been developed to explain the emergence of?


Why theory is needed?

to better the innovation of mankind.

The emergence of modern Europe after the Dark Ages is known as the primate city theory?


What does emergence in earth science terms mean?

In philosophy, systems theory and the sciences, emergenceis the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems.

What does the out of Africa theory maintain?

The out of Africa theory maintains that modern humans originated in Africa. It details that humans eventually migrated to other parts of the world.

How does evolution tie in with the emergence of a new species?

Evolutionary theory explains how new species emerge from existing species.

What theories were developed during the Hellenistic age?

the theory of evolution and the origin of mankind

What actors and actresses appeared in A Brief Theory on Mankind - 2007?

The cast of A Brief Theory on Mankind - 2007 includes: Sybille Balzer as Mother of Eve Laura Beikert as Apes Sabine Schnepf as Mother of Adam

Did civilization really begin in Africa?

It is the most accepted theory, but still a theory.

What is moral theory?

Moral (Customs) is not a theory. I makes part of the mankind as a group socially formed, since the man began to think rationally.

What is the theory that human life began in Africa based on?

It is based on the fact that all the oldest hominid fossils have been found in Africa. As a result of that the theory goes that human life originated in Africa.

How did Leonhard Euler's theory help mankind?

He was a very able mathematician and developed many theories. The question needs to be more specific. Which theory are you referring to?

Which theory states that homo sapiens began in a single geographical area and spread out from there?

Out of Africa theory

What theory about the spread of human beings seems to be supported most by modern evidence?

Out of Africa theory

What theory states that homo sapiens began in a single geographical area and spread out from there?

Out of Africa theory

Who are the first humans?

Our early ancestors, Homo erectus, first appeared in Africa 1-2 million years ago. They spread throughout the world and evolved into ancient humans. Most believe that modern humans evolved in Africa, and gradually replaced all the other ancient humans (the 'Out-of-Africa' theory). However, some scientists believe that ancient humans may have evolved into modern humans all over the world at around the same time (the 'multiregional' theory). Either way, by about 30,000 years ago, we - Homo sapiens - were the only humans left on the planet.

Which theory states that homo sapiens began in a single geographical area and spread out from here?

The out of africa theory

What are the contribution of Marxist theory in social development in Africa?


What is the connection between Hamlet and Everyman and Mankind?

Freud's theory of the Oedipus complex might explain Hamlet's behavior.

How was mankind created?

There are many different theories about how mankind was created. The two that I can think of are Charles Darwin's evolution theory (that we evolved from apes) and the Christian belief that God created mankind, starting with Adam and Eve (see Genesis in the Bible). Other theories come from different religions.

What are three kinds of evidence that support wegener's theory that South Africa was one time joined with Africa?

Did you read your own question? South Africa is still joined to Africa.

Who ruled north Africa before the 1800s?

In theory at least, most of north Africa was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

What is the theories of origin of man?

Scientists have proposed several theories of man's origin. Some of these theories are: the Creationist theory, the missing links theory and the out of Africa theory.