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Air Force

Ejercito means army, del means of, and airemeans air, but can also be used to mean sky.

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What does sobre el aire mean in English?

Over the air.

What does mercado al aire libre mean in spanish?

it means an outdoors aire libre means outsideand mercado means market

What does the Irish word Aire mean?

Care, attention; heed, notice. It can also mean a minister of state

What does esta en el aire mean in English?

i don't know what it means

What do translation mean slide turn or flip tell you what it mean?

It means Slide

How do you say air conditionar in spanish?

you mean air conditioner, right? AIRE ACONDICIONADO

What does Necesito mรกs que el aire mean?

"I need more than (the) air."

What does the slash mean on guitar tabs?

it means to slide. \ is to slide down and / is to slide up

What does a extrude gun slide mean?

Refers to how the slide was made.

What is ATX mean on Chrysler pacifica?

Automatic transaxleAutomatic transaxle

What does master slide mean?

A master slide is the first slide of a Powerpoint presentation. The master slide is usually a title slide that dictates the format of the rest of the presentation.

How do say slide in hawaiian?

Aloha: You mean 'to slide'? It is he'e [hay'A]

Can a full automatic gun be made?

yes, but if you mean out of any automatic, then no

What does slides mean in ict?

what does slide mean in ict

What does el amore esta en el aire mi carino mean in spanish?

"Love is in the air my affection."

What does AT check mean in your car?

AT can mean Automatic Transmission.

What does Saturday you babysat your cousin mean in Irish?

Bhí tú ag tabhairt aire do do chol ceathair Dé Sathairn

Are there any automatic Subarus?

If you mean do any Subarus have an automatic transmission, then the answer is yes - all models are available with automatic transmissions.

What does automatic ap mean?

It is a 4 speed automatic transmission specifically for use in the Mini.

How do you play music notes on trombone?

If you mean how do you change notes, that's what the slide is for. You can change the way in which you blow air into the horn, and, or, slide the slide in or out.

What does shleamhnaigh mean in English?

it means slide

What does slide mean in math terms?

So if you are asking from the therm slide,flip,and turn,then like if you slide lets say a diamond then that diamond will be the same.

Words that mean to go down beginning with an s?

sink (to sink down), slide (to slide down)

What does ATM mean on a mini statement mean?

automatic teller machine

What do ATF mean?

automatic transmission fluid