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ekans evolves into arbok at level 22

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What does ekans evolve into in Pokemon?

Ekans evolves into Arbok starting at level 22.

Pokemon Diamond what is the 23rd Pokemon in the national pokedex?

The 23rd Pokemon in the national pokedex for Pokemon Diamond is Ekans. Ekans has a form of a small snake. Ekans could evolve into Arbok. ( Ekans evolves at Lv. 22 )

What level does Ekans evolve on Pokemon LeafGreen?

some ekans evolve at level 24 like mine did.I don't know why it might just be because I nicknamed it dan.u cannot catch ekans on Pokemon leaf green, it has to be traded from fire red or a different gameEkans evolves at level 22Ekans > lvl 22 > ArbokEvolves at Lvl 22 into Arbok.

Where do you find an ekans in Pokemon Blue?

You can't find Ekans in Pokemon Blue. You have to get it by trading from Pokemon Red.

Where can you find abrook on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to evolve ekans into abrook

Where do you find Ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can only get Ekans on Pokemon Leaf Green by trading one from Pokemon Fire Red.

How do you find an ekans in leaf green version of pokemon?

Ekans is version exclusive to fire red.

How do you evolve ekans?

if you levek your Ekans up to level 22 it will evolve into a Arbok.

In what episode does ekans evolve in Pokemon?

In episode 31 - Dig Those Diglett.

Where to find Ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Ekans is found at level 30 you will get him when you get the National Dex then then fly to Pallet town and go to the little pitch of grass there you will find him he will evolve at level 40.This will only work on Fire red

How do you get an arbok in Pokemon HeartGold?

I would say that the best way would be to get an ekans then evolve it

What stone evolves ekans?

Ekans does not evolve with a stone. Ekans evolves by leveling it up. Once you level it up enough, it will evolve into an Arbok. It does not evolve any other way.

What level does Ekans evolve?

Ekans evolves into Arbok starting at level 22. Ekans is #23 in the National Pokedex, and was introduced in the Generation I Pokemon titles (Red, Blue, and Yellow) where it could be found (Red only) on Routes 4, 11, and 23. In Generation VI (X and Y), it can be caught on Route 14 in a Horde encounter.

What level does ekans and Pidgeotto evolve in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

Ekans Evolves at level 22. To Arbok Pidgeotto evolves at level 36. To Pidgeot

Where do you find a ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Unfortunatly you cant get ekans in leaf green i think it's crap but im still not sure what u get instead of ekans on leaf green cause u can only get ekans in Pokemon fire red

What level does ekans envolve?

Ekans will evolve at level 20.

Where to catch Ekans in Pokemon Blue?

Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue. It can only be caught in Red and traded over to Blue or Yellow. In Red, it can be caught at routes: 4, 11, and 23.

How do you get Ekans in Pokemon Diamond?

Ekans can be found on Route 212 South when Fire Red is inserted into the other game port.

When ecans evolve in Pokemon?

It's Ekans, not ecans. It evolves into Arbok ant a low level.

How do I get an ekans in Pokemon LeafGreen?

"How do I get an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen?"You can't catch an ekans in Pokemon leafgreen, but you can catch it in Pokemon firered and trade it.I got my Ekans at route 10 at lv. 4

When will ekans evovle into arbok in FireRed?

Ekans will evolve at level 20.

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