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Full of electricity, or having or relating to electricity.

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Q: What does electric mean?
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What does anbaric mean?

Electric Electric

Can electric energy turn into electricity?

It isn't clear what you mean with "electric energy" if you don't mean an electric current.

How do you breed an electric dragon in DragonVale?

if you mean lightning you have to buy it, if you mean electric there is no such thing

What is mean by electric?

the Telex of the

What does E mean when it shows on your electric blanket control?

When E shows on your electric blanket it means that the electric blanket is on.

What does electric hand drill mean?

An electric or battery drill that you hold in your hands.

What do you mean bu electric potential?

It is the work done due to accumulation of electric charge.

What does the name Pikachu mean?

it means electric mouse man.

What do you measure with electric current?

I presume you mean what do you measure electric current with. You would use an ammeter.

What does graded mean in electric goods?

Of, relating to, producing, or operated by electricity: electric current; an electrical appliance.

What do you mean by Electric drives?

elecric drives are basically big electric motors which are used to drive generators

What is the stationary of electric charge?

There is no such thing.If you mean, what is a stationary electric charge, that is normally called static electricity.

What is the proper English name for the electric potto that heats up water?

If you mean the 'electric POT' that heats up water, it is probably an "ELECTRIC KETTLE".

What does electric force mean?

ask someone else

What does electrรณnico mean in Spanish?

electric, electrical, electronic

What you mean by ground fault?

An electric circuit grounding.

What does HEP mean in geography?

Hydro Electric Power

What does high-output electric motor mean?

High output could mean many things, but it probably means an electric motor with a lot of power for its size.

What are electric Pokemon bad against?

If you mean Electric-types weaknesses, they are only weak against Ground-types.

What do you mean by electric flux in electrostatics?

Under an electric field, magnitude and direction of electric intensity is different in every point.If the electric intensity can be defined through a closed line (direction of electric intensity will be along the tangent of any point of that line)this is called electric lines of force. Electric lines of forces passing through an closed electric surface perpendicularly, is called electric flux.

How do you change an electric fuel pump with a mechanical fuel pump?

If you mean replacing the electric pump with a mechanical one, that is not possible.

Is an octopus has electricity in his leg?

well the answer is no but inside the body he forms electric. so i mean he doesn't have electric in the outside but he does in the inside

What does Ka Huila Wai mean in Hawain?

I believe it is rarely used to mean electric current.

What togekiss supereffective to?

If you mean what type does suppereffective on it, its electric and ice

What does Proton mean?

a particle of matter with a positive electric charge