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What does emacipation involve?


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January 1, 1863 It was written by hand

The Emacipation Proclimation. Which freed the slaves.

it made more blacks try to escape

Emancipation declared the freedom of all slaves

He thought slave labor helped the Confederacy

The Emacipation Proclamation was written by Abraham Lincoln. It stated that there was to be no more slavery in the Union states.

...keeping the British out of the war. After the issue of the Proclamation, they could not aid the Confederates without looking pro-slavery.

a speech given by AAbraham Lincoln that stated that most slaves would be freed in confederate states except for the border states.

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The Emancipation Proclamation was a declaration issued by Abe Lincoln. It is pretty much about equal rights and how no man shall be denied the right to vote and ect.

After emacipation, when the armies were in desperate need of soldiers, they enlited colored people. However they also started forming regiments on their own.

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