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Epiphone is the brand/manufacturer of the guitar. Chances are pretty good it looks a lot like a guitar with 'Gibson' on it, but it cost a lot less.

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How is an epiphone guitar different from a regular guitar?

The Epiphone guitar is a brand of guitar, created by Anastasios Stahopolous. The Epiphone guitar has all the features of a regular guitar, but has a distinctive style and finish.

Location of an Epiphone Vintage Sunburst Explorer guitar?

The location of the Epiphone Vintage Sunburst guitar is at

Is the Epiphone Limited Edition Wilshire Electric Guitar a quality guitar?

The Epiphone Wilshire guitar is a unique sounding, fun guitar that meets the quality standards of all other Epiphone and Gibson guitars. It is based upon the Wilshire design that Epiphone created and sold throughout the 60's.

What is the difference with an acoustic guitar with an epiphone guitar?

This question has no sense... because an acoustic guitar is a kind of instrument and Epiphone is a brand. Epiphone builds acoustic guitars, as well as electric guitars and a lot of other instruments.

What guitar does angus young play?

Epiphone SG G-310 Electric Guitar Cherry

What guitar do you like better a Epiphone Korina Explorer or a Epiphone G400?

Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer anyday...

What type of instrument is an epiphone dot?

The Epiphone Dot instrument is a type of guitar usually electric but also can be acoustic. The Epiphone Dot is a smaller guitar but with a lot of powerful sound.

What is the best epiphone guitar?

I would say the epiphone dot - but that's just my opinion... If you want a rock guitar the epiphone les paul or Epiphone G400 would be good If you want something for blues the epiphone sheraton would be good If you want something for jazz the Epiphone Emperor would be good

What is the value epiphone hummingbird HS guitar?

when was the Epiphone hummingbird HS model made, and where is it manufactured and what's the price of this guitar , thanks aramco

How can you tell the year of an epiphone guitar?

Look for the serial number, and enter it on the Epiphone website. It should tell you all you need to know about the guitar. :)

What is an epiphone?

Epiphone is a brand of guitar that is currently owned and made by Gibson. It used to be an independent company.

Which is the best Gibson guitar copy?


Is The Epiphone wilshire a quality guitar?


Where could a used Epiphone G400 guitar be purchased?

A Epiphone G400 guitar can be purchased in an local guitar store such as Guitar World. They offer a variety of different guitars and different models of Epiphones for a reasonable price.

What is better an epiphone sg or a west fild sg?

definitely the epiphone as epiphone is owned by Gibson ( a leading guitar brand ) the epiphone looks better and should sound way better. you can trust epiphone also i will be buying and epiphone sg for Christmas..

How do you string an Epiphone bass guitar?

When one purchases an Epiphone bass guitar, it should have the necessary strings. If the guitar needs new strings, it is best to have a professional replace the strings or follow the manual received when the guitar was purchased.

What type of instrument is an Epiphone Sheraton?

An Epiphone Sheraton is a type of guitar. It is a slimline, semi-hollow electric guitar that is made by the famous guitar company Gibson. It is sometimes used by Blues musicians.

Where was the epiphone genesis guitar made?

The Epiphone Genesis were first made in Japan in 78 and then Taiwan in 79-80.

Does slash play Epiphone guitars?

Nope. He plays the proper Gibsons. But he does have an Epiphone signature guitar, a couple in fact.

When was the Epiphone Explorer guitar first produced?

Epiphone is a musical instrument company originally founded in 1873, and is headquartered in Nashville, TN. Epiphone made the first Explorer guitar in 1958. It was an angular shape that was considered ahead of it's time.

Do you need to learnspanish guitar before playing electronic guitar?

No. By Spanish guitar, you probably mean acoustic. And no, I started with an electric Epiphone Les Paul, and switched to a 12-string acoustic later on.

Is the Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar a good guitar for a beginner?

The Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is a good guitar for a beginner. It is priced at an affordable amount and is comfortable to hold while learning. The frets are easy to navigate as well.

What guitar to get for your first guitar?

Epiphone Les Paul Jr. great sound for a good price.

What is the value of an Epiphone Guitar?

It depends what one. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom which cost about £500 and a Epiphone Les Paul Zakk Wylde Bullseye which cost like £600.

Epiphone guitar marked used why?

Epiphone guitar headstock marked used because it did not pass inspection serial number replaced with used mark to void any warrenty claim

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