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What does ethnic mean?

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Ethnic refers to different people around the world: religious, traditional, race, culture etc.

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What does ethnic bias mean?

it means that you choose one ethnic group over the other

What is ethnicity diversity mean?

It means that there are different ethnic groups in a country. Or diverese ethnic groups.

Is roman Catholicism universalizing or ethnic?

I do not know what you mean by "universalizing" or "ethnic". However Christianity (which includes the Catholicism) is for all people.

What does ethnic pride mean?

Ethnic Pride means to be proud of who you are. No matter what nationality you have , you're proud of yourself.

A Hungarian ethnic group?

If you mean an ethnic group in Hungary, how about ethnic Hungarians, or Magyars? The largest minority are Germans, Roma (Gypsies) and Slovaks.Magyars is the answer if your doing A+

Can you change your ethnic origin?

No, you cannot. You get your ethnic origin from your biological mother and father, and they got their ethnic origins from their mother and father, so changing your ethnic origin would mean changing your ancestry, which is impossible.

What does merina mean?

The Merina is the largest ethnic group in Madagascar

What does ethnic loyalty mean?

things your ethnicity requires or tells you to do

What does intermarriage mean?

Marriage of partners of different racial or ethnic origins.

What is the name of all ethnic groups?

Um... I'm not sure what you're asking here. Different ethnic groups have different names. Unless you mean "human".

What does ethnic custom mean?

it means a two different cultures mixed toghther

What does it mean for a religion to be ethnic?

means to believe in the type of religion you have and it is a worldwide religion

What does ethnic cleasing mean?

it means a group of people decide to remove either by violent or terror another group of people who represent a different religion or are a different ethnic..

What does bwe mean in slang and not best week ever?

Sometimes it mean by what ever and also the bwe is an ethnic group in Kenya

What was Leonardos ethnic group?

if you mean Leonardo Davinci, he was an Italian if you mean the green Leonardo , he's a mutant ninja turtle.

Ethnic groups that study the religion Christianity?

Mostly European countries and countries with a history of colonization by Europeans. Christianity has spread all over the world, and includes people of most ethnic groups. That does not mean that most ethnic groups study Christianity.

What is ethnic mean?


What group is Chris Brown in?

uhh if u mean ethnic hes African American

What is the ethnic origin of the name Stewart?

The name Stewart mean "one of large journeys"

What is the meaning of where are you from?

It means "where do you call home?" In some cases it might mean "what is your ethnic background?"

What is ethnic restaurant?

ethnic restaurant is a food was for only a selected ethnic

What does ethnic tensions mean?

Ethnic tensions refers to conflicts of interest among various ethnic groups within a society. Thus as example, if a large city has a police force that is dominated by a specific ethnic group, this can create tensions between the police force and poor minority groups in their relationships with each other. The dominate ethnic group will in some cases try to take advantage of the fact that they have police powers over a smaller ethnic group with problems such as poverty. Tensions between the "haves & have nots" become "ethnic tensions".

What are Australian ethnic foods?

what are the Australian ethnic foods? what are the Australian ethnic foods?

What is the difference between a minority and ethnic group?

minorities refer to any ethic group in a country or area that is not the largest ethnic group. For instance, in the United States Caucasians (whites) are the majority ethnic group; while Blacks, Asians, Native Americans and so on are minorities, or minority ethnic groups. However a minority is not limited to being an ethnic group, for example left handed people are a minority in the world. However, usually when minorities are referenced in politics they do mean ethnic groups.

What does assimilation mean when on the subject of immigration?

to blend in with an ethnic group, or to be taken in and made part of a group.