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What does excrete mean?


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Throw out or eliminate from the body


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They "excrete" oxygen, which for them is a waste product. They "excrete" oxygen, which for them is a waste product.

the bladder excrete pee

they excrete a natural substance that humans excrete as well, this is called poo

Lungs excrete carbon dioxide and kidneys excrete urea and other substance

plants excrete by giving out oxygen

yes plants do infact excrete

Many bacteria excrete urea.

Ferrets excrete to get rid of waste

Penguins excrete through their anus

lizards excrete uric acid

They excrete by diffusion

Yes. All animals excrete.

All living things excrete.

Lungs excrete carbon dioxide.

yeast excrete CO2 after they undergo respiration.

Yes they do. If you eat, you must excrete.

giraffes excrete waste by the bowels and regurgitating

animals have to excrete to remove wastes from their body

Yeast excrete CO2 after they undergo respiration.

The back side we excrete or let go our solid waste or bowel movement

All living organisms need to excrete waste, as this is one of the characteristics of life. When they are alive, dragonflies excrete waste.

They excrete faeces and uric acid from their cloaca.

I think that some types of jellyfish dont excrete.

They excrete bile. "comment"- don't they create bile?

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