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Throw out or eliminate from the body

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Q: What does excrete mean?
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Related questions

What does it mean when you excrete water instead of poop?

It means you have diarrhea.

What does urinates mean?

Urinate means to pass or excrete urine

How do fish excrete?

h excrete

Do flower excrete?

They "excrete" oxygen, which for them is a waste product. They "excrete" oxygen, which for them is a waste product.

Can cows excrete?

Yes, cows do excrete.

What does the bladder excrete?

the bladder excrete pee

What waste the kidneys excrete?

They excrete urea....

Do cats excrete?

Yes, cats excrete.

What do polar bears excrete?

they excrete a natural substance that humans excrete as well, this is called poo

Do alligators excrete?

Yes. All animals excrete.

How tadpole frog excrete the urine?

They excrete by diffusion

How do plants excrete?

plants excrete by giving out oxygen

Do plants excrete?

yes plants do infact excrete

How do penguins excrete?

Penguins excrete through their anus

What do lizards excrete?

lizards excrete uric acid

What is bacteria excrete?

Many bacteria excrete urea.

Why do ferrets excrete?

Ferrets excrete to get rid of waste

Do cactus excrete?

All living things excrete.

What do lungs and kidneys excrete?

Lungs excrete carbon dioxide and kidneys excrete urea and other substance

What do yeast excrete?

yeast excrete CO2 after they undergo respiration.

How do giraffes excrete?

giraffes excrete waste by the bowels and regurgitating

What is the substance the lungs excrete?

Lungs excrete carbon dioxide.

Do honey bee excrete?

Yes they do. If you eat, you must excrete.

Why animals have to excrete?

animals have to excrete to remove wastes from their body

How yeast excrete?

Yeast excrete CO2 after they undergo respiration.