What does false information for Michigan drivers license appeal result in?

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2 years in prison.
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Is a marriage valid when the identification used to obtain the license contains false information?

Answer . \nThe marriage would be invalid if the "false information" used violated a state law. For example, if the year of birth was falsified so the person would appear old enough to marry the marriage would not be legal. If the month and day of the person's birth were inaccurate it would not h ( Full Answer )

Would a speeding ticket received in Delaware by a driver with a Pennsylvania drivers license result in points on the PA drivers license?

Yes. States share this information. Yes. States share this information. --- Delware and Pennsylvania are both part of the DLC (Drivers License Compact) and thus will share tickets between the states. However, Pennsylvania will not issue points from a conviction in another state for a speeding ticket ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to get a drivers license in Michigan?

It does not take very long to get a drivers license in Michigan. Aperson must be of age, have insurance and take the test. Assumingthey have all the documents and pass the test it should only take30 minutes.

Would a speeding ticket in Tennessee by a driver with Virginia drivers license result in points on the Virginia license?

Yes, if Tennessee reports or shares information with the Va DMV. 757-819-4841 Virginia Driver Improvement - Classroom & Online Courses Do You Have A Virginia speeding ticket or other moving violations? If you answered yes,then this Virginia Defensive Driving Traffic School course for you. If you ha ( Full Answer )

What states share drivers license information?

45 States share this info... Wisconsin, Tennessee, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Michigan are all Non-compact states and don't share Drunk Driving (DUI and DWI) conviction information.

Will Michigan speeding ticket with MI license result in points on the license when changed to Florida?

Probably... Michigan is one of 22 states that Florida has a reciprocal agreement with.. You will be issued a temporary license initally that is good for one year. They will investigate your record in Michigan and then you will probably have a follow up "conversation" with the Florida authorites. Go ( Full Answer )

What is the penalty for giving false information about who was driving at the time of an accident which was not the driver's fault but the driver had a suspended license and many unpaid traffic fines?

Depending on whether or not there was an injury or fatality involved, it could be a little or a lot of jail time. A false report is a serious offense; protecting someone who has a suspended license, and who may have a bench warrant for unpaid fines could be seen as aiding and abetting; at the very l ( Full Answer )

If a drivers license is revoked in Michigan can it be obtained in Alaska?

I have checked around the web for a definitive answer. There is no clear answer to this.. However, there is something called "Interstate Driver's License Compact". In short, some states that participate share with other states driving records and some don't. Michigan doesn't. Go here for more i ( Full Answer )

What do you need for a Michigan drivers license?

It depends. If you are applying for your first license after theage of 18: . present documentation Social Security Card or letter ofineligibility proof of citizenship proof of identity proof of Michign residency vision test knowledge test driving skills test $25 fee for training permit ( Full Answer )

What information does you drivers license have?

Your drivers license will have the following: . Name . Address of record . Licence type and class (CDL, Class A, B, C, etc) . Endorsements and restrictions . Hair colour . Eye colour . Height . Birthdate . Issue date . Expiration date . State issued identification number . Whether or ( Full Answer )

Can you get a driver licenses in Michigan if its suspended in Florida?

Added: YES Only in these states can you get a license if it is suspended in another state but you can only drive in that state. All states are members except for Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee (dropped out in 1997). Nevada repealed the authorizing legislation in 2007 [1] , though it still g ( Full Answer )

Is it drivers license or drivers license?

"Licence" is the spelling common to Commonwealth countries (Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc.". "License" is the spelling used in the United States of America (and may be used in Canada, as well).

What is the penalty for giving false information to a police officer in Michigan?

THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931 750.411a False report of crime; violation; penalty; payment of costs by juvenile. Sec. 411a. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), a person who intentionally makes a false report of the commission of a crime, or intentionally causes a fa ( Full Answer )

What if the Mexican guy you know is using false name and drivers license and is here illegally?

I believe you are asking that if you feel that someone is an illegal immigrant, can your call or write Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") and have that neighbor deported. The answer is that you are free to try, but ICE does not usually respond to this type of denunciation. The vast majority ( Full Answer )

What is false appeal?

False appeal is that when company advertising the benefits and those benefits are not communicated to the customers.

How can you appeal a restraining order obtained by false information?

Typically, in order to obtain such an order, a person has to submit a petition, and then a trial is held to determine whether the order is warranted. Evidence that the allegations contained in the petition are false should be presented at the trial. If the defendant loses the trial, he/she can then ( Full Answer )

How do you get drivers license in North Carolina if revoked in Michigan?

If your license is under revocation, you would have to lie when youanswer that question on the NC application. When you submit thepaperwork they cross-check your answers with LEADS and have youarrested for falsifying the application. 3rd degree misdemeanor,isn't it?