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Get equal rights for women! In the US at the moment this may include issues such as equal pay, and the right to use birth control.

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What is the theory of a feminist?

Feminist theory extends the feminism movement into theoretical and/or political discourse. Feminists aim to understand and bring awareness to gender inequality and the promotion of women's interests. Feminism explores such themes as discrimination, objectification, stereotyping and oppression.

Why did liberal feminism start?

There is no liberal feminism or conservative feminism. There is simply feminism, and that exists to have both genders treated equally.

What is the third wave of feminism?

The third wave is the late 70's till now. The aim was to break through the 'glass ceiling' of the corporate world.

Is Islamic feminism truly feminism?

Yes, Islamic feminism is truly feminism just as much as feminism within any other religion. Feminism is about the fight for equality for women with men, Muslims can support this as much as anyone else.

Is there Feminism in Medea?

yes there is feminism in Medea. a great deak

What is a sentence using the word feminism?

He has something against feminism.

When was Anti Feminism created?

Anti Feminism was created in 1991.

When was Enchanted Feminism created?

Enchanted Feminism was created in 2002.

What is the opposite to feminism?

The opposite of feminism is known as male chauvinism.

When was The Fraud of Feminism created?

The Fraud of Feminism was created in 1913.

When was Feminism Unmodified created?

Feminism Unmodified was created in 1987.

Is feminism against the law?

No, of course feminism is not against the law. Feminism is the movement seeking to make men and women equal.

Feminist or feminism?

Feminism is the belief/worldview and a feminist is the practitioner of that belief.

What does feminism?

Feminism is the idea that women deserve equal rights as men.

How many pages does Feminism Unmodified have?

Feminism Unmodified has 332 pages.

What is the opposite of a feminist?

Feminism is about equality before the law. The opposite from feminism is Masculinism.

Which type of feminism accepts the basic organization of US society?

Liberal Feminism.

How does Bell Hooks define feminism in her book Feminism Is for Everyone?

Blue KoolAid?

What has the author Suzanne Venker written?

Suzanne Venker has written: 'The flipside of feminism' -- subject(s): Anti-feminism, Conservatism, Feminism, Women conservatives

What is the difference between feminism and eco-feminism?

Feminism is the assertion that women have been historically disadvantaged relative to men, and a commitment to changing oppressive structures. It is the movement towards the social, politcal, and economic equality of all people. Eco-feminism is a specific sub-set of feminism that opposes all forms of dominance: men over women, heterosexuals over homosexuals, and humans over animals (this last point is crucial in making it eco-feminism instead of just general feminism). Eco-feminism focuses on how hierarchies are linked and how these hierarchies affect not only people, but also the natural world.

Has modern feminism lost its principles?

Some critics have argued that modern feminism has lost its principles. However, feminism is not a stationary idea, and has to change in order to continue to be useful. Feminism has gone through many phases or waves since its advent in the United States, from First Wave Feminism all the way to Fourth Wave Feminism. Just within the U.S. feminism has changed from a movement focused on getting women the vote, and from being a movement largely run only by white, middle-class straight women, to a feminism that attempts to be more inclusive to all women, regardless of their race, ability, sexuality, religion, class and other identities. Feminism has branched into numerous subsets, such as eco-feminism, radical feminism, and (Multi)Cultural feminism, in an attempt to acknowledge all women and all their experiences. Feminism in different countries takes different forms and means different things. So feminism has changed in many ways since its advent, but it has not lost its principles. Feminism still seeks to bring equality to women, and dismantling, and dismantling oppressive institutions, which are what its principles have always been.

Feminism in the 19nth Century?

Feminism is fighting for the rights and empowerment as well as equity for women.

Does society still need feminism?

Yes, society still needs feminism because feminism is a movement that seeks to bring gender equality and society hasn't achieved this yet. Feminism seeks to deal with issues of gender inequality and other forms of oppression such as racism, until everyone is equal within society feminism will exist.

What are the common misperceptions of feminism?

One common misperceptions of feminism is that feminists hate men. That is not true.

How do you get a wife to do forced feminism?

It defeats the purpose of feminism to force someone into it. Feminsim holds that everyone should be freee and equal, so forcing someone into feminism, is, in fact, anti-feminist.