What does fish rots from the head means?

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"Fish rots from the head" means bad ideas affect the body. This may be the body politic or body corporate or family. This phrase underscores the importance of leadership. Who are the decision makers and what drives their decisions? This is why "transparency" has become the watch word or our times. In a democracy people should be able to know on what basis decisions are made. This protects us from head rot. Thad Cummins http:\\www.rkmtec.com
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Is the spot on a koi fish head the sun and what does it mean?

I have an incomplete answer for this. I just got a tattoo of a koi fish that I designed (without the spot). I got it done in Japan and the tattoo artist decided to add it. He explained to me that it when a koi fish gets older...something something...and that it was very japanese. I has something to ( Full Answer )

What does a fish head mean?

Answer . If a dead fish is presented, it means that someone near to you now "sleeps with the fishes" or has been executed.

What is a snake head fish?

It's a savage predator from south east asia. Some countries have strict controls in place in case they manage to get out into the wild. Just a quick search in google will find you plenty information. Check out the youtube video (see related link) of a guy catching one. Its not so much savage! Fas ( Full Answer )

Can you see the head of a salt fish?

Anyone searching for saltfish is not likely to find the expected \nanswer - a saltfish, as there is no such thing. The use of the word saltfish is actually describing a cod fish (usually called a salt cod)\nthat has been salted to use in many types of dishes. If you search for pictures of a cod fi ( Full Answer )

Do fish have heads?

Usually yes. If the fish is dead, then it might not, but an alive fish always does.

What do sheep head fish eat?

Usually I use crabs. I have also used minnows. Sheep head are bottom feeders. So, they really eat anything that is edible.

Who sang the song fish heads?

Barnes & Barnes in 1978. Barnes & Barnes are Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy (Will Robinson of 'lost in Space' fame).

Can fish die of fin rot?

Fin rot while it is on the fins doesn't really harm the fish too much. The point is, you have to stop it when it starts, because like a vehicle that rusts, the rot will eat its way down to the body. Imagine if your body started to get eaten away from a flesh eating bacterium. Sores will appear, b ( Full Answer )

What eats fish heads?

Fish are obiously part of a food chain, fish get eaten by other creatures such as sharks. . Hope this helps. TJH

Will my fish fins grow back from fin rot?

Yes it should grow back after u give the Betta the antibiotics for fin rot but if it does not grow back then it is not fin rot it must of gotten ripped off by something sharp in the tank or ripped off by being to rough.

What does fish head stew mean?

Its what the girl fed the scientist in the movie nightmare before Christmas to make him pass out so she can leave at night

What are the bumps on a koi fish head?

Koi do not specifically have "bumps" on their heads that I am aware of. Please describe these bumps. if its the bumps im thinking of its like a fore head they have like a little frown

A fish begins to rot from the head?

Hole in the head is a common disease and is caused by a lack of certain elements/vitamins in their food. Most experienced aquarists feed their fish at least some live food every few days or so (at least once a week) to avoid this problem. Chopped finely or whole, depending on the size of the fish, ( Full Answer )

What are the stones in the head of a fish?

They are called fish otoliths and are among the strangest and most wonderful bits of vertebrate anatomy. They are strikingly sculptural, and their clean surfaces tend to display an alluring opalescent sheen. No one is absolutely sure about all their functions (which would seem to vary from species t ( Full Answer )

My betta fish has long and rough eges is that fin rot?

Fin rot is whitish and it is always caused by bad water conditions. The only way to avoid fin rot in any tank is to have a cycled filter running permanently (this biologically removes Ammonia) and repace at least 50% of the water every week.(this reduces the Nitrate) A Betta is a three inch fish and ( Full Answer )

What does betta fish fin rot look like?

There is a whiteish edge to the fins and a thinning or threading of the joining tissue between the fins rays. The condition can only be fixed by the proper use of a cycled filter and cleaning up the water with regular 50% water changes every week.

Do star fish have heads?

They do not. Strange as it may seem, many animals don't have heads. Starfish, urchins, coral, sponges, singe celled animals, adult tunicates, jellyfish, and many more, don't have heads.

Does yellow leaves with brown spots mean root rot?

it can be, or it can be a result of a fungal infection on the leaf. yellowing leaves, especially at the base of the plant are indicative of a root problem - root rot, over watering or even severe fertiliser burn to the roots of the plant

Can you eat snake head fish?

yes you can eat snake head fish. ----- Yes. Snakehead Fish is a delicacy in Thai and Chinese cooking.

What do steel head fish eat?

Steelhead fish are also known as Rainbow trout; they typically eat just about anything they can get, but specifically like insects, fish eggs, and smaller fish.

Can you eat stone head fish?

you could it but there are risk that it get suck in your Thought and it wouldn't be good for you

Will bettafix treatment cure betta fish fin rot?

Yes, bettafix can fix fin rot if the fin rot is not serious. If there is 1/2 of the original fin still left the I recommend bettafix as it is made of organic material and is very effective.

How do you treat aggressive fin rot in Betta fish?

You should immediately test your water parameters. There should be no ammonia, no nitrates, and the water should be mildly soft. Make sure you use water conditioners on any water changes. If there are harmful levels of nitrites or ammonia in the water, immediately perform a water change or isolate ( Full Answer )

What does mean 'Rot in pieces' eminem's tattoo?

The Tattoo was done right after Marshall had a really big fight with Kim. He assumed that they broke up and that they would never get back together again. So he went and irrationally got a big tattoo that says "Rot In Pieces". These words are below a picture of a grave and tombstone that has Kim's n ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream about fish and you cut their head off?

One of the more common interpretations of this kind of dream is as follows: Since fish appear to be looking at you (even when lying there, dead), there can be a sense that they are looking through you or deep into you. This sense of vulnerability to others knowing more than you would feel comfortabl ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when your fish are floating on the top of your tank head first?

If the fish is still alive, it means that you have very poor water quality and need to change it immediately. You should be changing at least 50% of the water in a properly stocked tank that is 10 gallons or bigger, and 75% to 100% of the water if you are using under 10 gallons every single week.

Can dogs eat fish heads?

Yes, your dog can eat fish heads While there isn't alot of meat there is eyes and brains that are good for their diet.

Are snake head fish Tasty?

Everyone says no but personally I think they are very tasty. Snakeheads have a very clean flavor and are really tender, plus there is alot of meat on them compared to other fish. Trick with the sneakheads is after you clean them do not soak them in water for some reason it make the fleash turn into ( Full Answer )

What kind of a fish is a hammer head?

The hammerhead sharks are a group of sharks in the family Sphyrnidae, so named for the unusual and distinctive structure of their heads, which are flattened and laterally extended into a "hammer" shape called a "cephalofoil".

What does it mean when you smell a rotting corpse in your dream?

Nasty as this dream might be, it is nothing more than a metaphor highlighting some problem or mess that the dreamer needs to clean up. Something left unfinished, or the residue of some sort of canceled project or "dead" effort is causing a "stink;" that is, ruining the working/living environment. Th ( Full Answer )

Can fin rot spread to other fish?

Sort of, but not in the way a cold spreads. The most typical reason for fin rot is usually a water quality issue, so any fish in the same tank could potentially have the same problem. Make sure that you are changing at least 50% of the water each week, twice a week or more if your tank is overstoc ( Full Answer )

How long can a fish go with fin rot before treatment?

It depends on the health of the fish prior to infection and rather the water conditions that caused the problem have been corrected. Anywhere from a few days to over a week, but they will not survive if corrective isn't taken.

What is the meaning of the acronym ROT?

The acronym ROT can mean many things. It could mean "right on time", "Republic of Turkey", "radar-only tactic", "registered orthopedic technologist", or "radar on target".

Why does my betta fish have a spot on his head?

Bettas have been bread to have beautiful colors. In the wild theyare quite dull. So the spot may be a coloration of your Betta. Ifit is a bump and not just a color change, it may be a benign cyst.