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What does fixed expenses mean?

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the word fixed expenses means to rent

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How do you you a sentence with fixed expenses?

sentence do you use fixed expenses in a sentence? that's a sentence^

What are the two types of expenses?

fixed expenses and variable expenses

How are variable expenses different from fixed expenses?

Variable expenses are those expenses which vary according to production level while fixed expenses are those expenses which have no effect of production level and remain same.

Why are fixed expenses difficult to reduce?

Fixed expenses pay for necessities like rent and utility bills.

How do flexible expenses differ from fixed expenses?

Flexible expenses vary over time.

What are the different types of selling expenses?

it is the FIXED and VARIABLE it is the FIXED and VARIABLE expenses only not selling expenses.JOKE.this is a GUESS.haha

Is rent expense a current or fixed liability?

Rent expenses are generally termed Fixed expenses rather than variable expenses. It is fixed because it is consistent of a term and cannot be adjusted if revenues change.

What is an expense that does not change each month?

fixed expenses do not change, variable expenses do.

What are examples of a fixed expense?

Fixed expenses are those expenses which don't have any relation with actual production volume, examples are building rent, administration staff salaries, administration expenses etc

Are fixed expenses include in net income?

Net profit is calculated by taking in calculation all expenses incurred by the firm in the fiscal year. So it includes all fixed expenses as well as variable expenses to calculate net profit.

The margin of safety is equal to?

a. sales-net operation incomeb. sales-(variable expenses/contribution margin)c. sales-(fixed expenses/contribution margin ratio)d. sales-(variable expenses + fixed expenses)

Are selling expenses fixed or variable cost?

selling expenses is a mixed costs. it is a mixture of both fixed and variable components. for example, in selling expenses in a retail shop; fixed costs are the employees salary. while variable cost will be their commission or bonus of the sale.

Is an expenses that does not change each month?

Fixed cost

In which of these categories does car insurance fit?

fixed expenses

What are the indirect fixed costs of hospital?

All fixed operating expenses from overhead (indirect) departments

Mean of loose tools in accounting?

it is the fixed assets like spare parts which are for adding value to a fixed assets and therefore are allowable expenses in taxation Answered by Peter Kasaija

Is car insurance a fixed expense?

In simple terms, yes... Such expenses like dues, loans and insurance are fixed expenses. Variable expenses are those that fluctuate in proportion to supply and demand, hourly production costs, packaging and shipping costs.

Are fixed expenses more important than variable expenses?

they are both inportant, because they both burn your money.

How does the contribution margin income statement differ from the income statement used in financial reporting?

Income statement in financial reporting is different in this sense that in that income statement all expenses and incomes are shown as incomes and expenses and there is no classification of fixed expenses or variable expense while in contribution margin income statement expenses are shown in this way that separate the fixed expenses from variable portion of expenses.

What are the different components of a family budget?

A family budget generally reflects the family's income as well as the family's fixed and variable expenses. The fixed expenses will include food, rent and transportation costs.

A favorable fixed overhead volume variance occurs if?

Favourable fixed overhead variance occurs when actual fixed cost is less than the budgeted fixed overhead expenses.

What is fixed expenses?

An expense that does not change from time period to time period.

Which of these terms includes items such as car payments and insurance?

fixed expenses

If the sale price per unit is 21.50 the variable expense per unit is 16.75 and the breakeven sales in dollars is 634250 what are the total fixed expenses?

Total fixed expenses = breakeven sales * Contribution margin ratio Contribution margin ratio = (21.5 - 16.75 ) / 21.5 = 0.22 Total fixed expenses = 634250 * 0.22 = 139535

Depreciation on Fixed Asset is a operating expenses or not?

Depreciation on Fixed Asset (Furniture, Building) are considered as Non-Current Assets