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Yahoo! Mail lets you flag messages for follow-up. For example, you might flag a message to remind yourself to reply to it later. Then you can sort the messages in your Inbox or other folder by the flag column, moving all of the flagged messages to the top.
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Q: What does flagging an email mean?
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What does flagging an email on HOTMAIL mean?

Flags are also commonly used to track important messages. Most email services and clients support flags. But flags have their own problems. Just like folders, you have to remember to check the flagged folder or Quick View. And flagging a message still leaves it in the message list, which can keep your Inbox cluttered.

What does flagging mean on incoming email?

It means that you are declaring that emial as yours, like with the moon landing. This is a very formal way of declaration and is only surpassed in importance by the rule of dibs.

What does it mean if someone is flagging?

The term flagging can mean a few different things. One is the idea of wearing objects such as keys or colored handkerchiefs on the body to indicate sexual interests.

What does flagging a message mean?

Flagging a message means marking it as important, or something that you need to come back to, or that needs your attention. Many email programs, for instance, offer this functionality. You can click the flag icon, or mark the question in some other way to say that you need to remember this one.

What is a sentence with the word flagging?

They tried flagging him to slow down.The police began flagging me to pull over.You can help Supervisors on deal with bad answers by flagging them.Someone is flagging us down.

How do you spell flagging?

That is the correct spelling of "flagging" (declining, or marking with a flag).

What is a good sentence for the word flagging?

There's someone in the road, flagging us down.

Can a pawn pass in chess?

The question name is ambigiuous. What does the name mean? I'm flagging it later.

What is computer flagging?


What does flagging a video mean?

It means that you thought the video was inappropriate and you want to report it or just keep away from it.

What is Message flagging?

It means that its urgent.

Is flagging a method of saving a special email?

Usually it is for reminding you to come back and view the email. Most programs will have the ability to save the message in a separate folder. There is probably a default save mail folder or you can create many different folders.

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