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What does foreclosure redeemed mean?

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forclosure redeemed means that in the process of the mtg company forclosing on a property, the property owner was able to pay off the full amount due, therefore stoping the forclosure process

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What is the meaning of good through date for foreclosure?

It means that the offer is good until the foreclosure date. This means that the offer cannot be redeemed after that date.

What does redeemed mean on a gift card?

A gift card has a certain amount of cash on it, and when that cash is used, it is 'redeemed'.

What does it mean to call a bond?

A bond is "called" when it is redeemed.

What does politically redeemed mean?

I would think "politically redeemed" means politically saved... as in a party or politician has done/said something that saved them...

What does 'case disposed' mean in regard to a foreclosure case?

It means that the legal aspect of the foreclosure has been finished.

What does dismissed without prejudice mean when you are in foreclosure?

dimiss the foreclosure action without prejudice and release the lis pendens! what does this means please!

What is a foreclosure dismissal?

Foreclosure dismissal is a simple foreclosure challenge that can be filed to the foreclosure complaint even without an attorney.Added: A foreclosure dismissal is a court order dismissing a foreclosure action.

What actors and actresses appeared in Redeemed - 2008?

The cast of Redeemed - 2008 includes: Cindy Birch as Redeemed

Is my 401k and IRA protected from foreclosure?

If by "foreclosure" you mean that the mortgage lender is taking your home back, yes they are prtected. However, if you really mean BANKRUPTCY, no, they are NOT protected, since they are assets you can use to reimburse your creditors.

What is redeemed in present tense?

The present tense of redeemed is redeem.

What is foreclosure help?

Foreclosure help is advice and help you can get from an organization or service that will help you through a foreclosure or help you stop a foreclosure. Foreclosure Help and Hope is an organization that can help.

What is the duration of Guilt Redeemed?

The duration of Guilt Redeemed is 2880.0 seconds.

What does the term foreclosure mean?

The term foreclosure means that when a loan is not paid on time, the lender has the authority to take action on the collateral assets the borrower listed to secure the loan.

What does it mean when a condo is in a foreclosure?

When a condo is in foreclosure it means that a lender is trying to recover funds from a borrower who has defaulted on their loan. The lender claims possession of the property to satisfy the debt.

Can your landlord evict you if his house is under foreclosure?

Yes. Until the actual foreclosure sale happens, he owns it. I'm not sure what you really mean by 'under foreclosure', anyway. That could be any stage of the process, and you can't be sure that the sale will really happen.

Can a lien lead to foreclosure?

Check this post, it talks about liens and foreclosure. http://www.foreclosedpropertiesdata.com/blog/foreclosure-help/how-liens-can-lead-to-foreclosure/

What is the best recommended foreclosure website?

There are agencies who can help you to stop foreclosure. I have saved my house from foreclosure and if you have a foreclosure property then those agencies will buy it at a great price. For foreclosure guide you can visit myprgenie.com you will get stop foreclosure guide by 2brothers real estate

What is a consent judgment in a foreclosure?

A consent judgment in a foreclosure is whereby a borrower with a pending foreclosure agrees to get into a judgment for foreclosure. This will not require further legal representation.

What does writ stayed mean?

Writ stayed means that the court has decided to discontinue a specific action. In foreclosure proceedings writ stayed means the court has stopped the foreclosure process.

What does it mean Foreclosure hold state?

Foreclosure Hold State signifies the ability to place a foreclosure action on hold. Meaning if there is a typical borrower forebearance review, litigation/contested action, the foreclosure is placed on hold to allow time for forebearance or contested action to be reviewed. Saves both borrower (if attempting to reinstate/payoff loan) and Servicer, with avoidance of fees/costs accumulating due to foreclosure actions.

Can a mortgage borrower apply for court foreclosure?

No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

How do you use redeemed in a sentence?

Redeemed is in past tense ( in case you didn't know) and therefore you would use it in a past tense sentence. Here are some examples I redeemed my tickets for a prize I redeemed my coupon at the register You would not say " I will redeemed " because that doesn't make any sense FYI (this is NOT a professional answer)

Can you save a property in pre-foreclosure?

I'm pre-foreclosure. .complain under rule 1.110 (b) was amended to requiere the verification of residencial mortgage foreclosure. The foreclosure involves my primary residence and is not verified

What does foreclosure of a house mean?

Foreclosure on a house means that the previous owners did not have enough money to pay for their mortgage and therefore could not afford to maintain it properly, so the bank takes ownership of it.

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