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Strength and vigilance.

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Q: What does fortis et vigilare mean in English?
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What is 'et suavis et fortis' in English?

Both gentle and strong is the English equivalent of 'et suavis et fortis'. In the word by word translation, the conjunctions 'et ... et' mean 'both ... and'. The adjective 'suavis' means 'gentle'. The adjective 'fortis' means 'strong'.

What does fortis ferox et eeier mean?

"Fortis Non Ferox" is latin for "Strength not Fierceness". It is the Motto of the Kimball Family.

What does fortis et fideliter mean?

Fortius quo fidelius means "stronger because more faithful." The commonest rendering of this into idiomatic English is "strength through loyalty."

What is Alberta's slogan?

Fortis et liber (Strong and free) .

What does Veritas vos Liberabit -- Semper Vigilo Fortis Paratus et Fidelis mean?

These are two separate phrases:Veritas vos liberabit is "the truth will set you free".Semper vigilo, fortis paratus et fidelis is "I am always keeping watch, strong, prepared and faithful".

What does et quand mean in English?

et quand ? means 'and when?' in English.

What does Et je suis mean in English?

et means and in english

What is the bamber family motto?

Fortis et egregius Bold and excellent

What does et felie mean in English?

Et felie is not french

What does et vous mean in English?

'and you' (in a polite way, or in plural) 'et vous' means 'and you' in English.

What does Et demain mean in English?

Et demain means 'and tomorrow'

What has the author Raimondo Giovanni Fortis written?

Raimondo Giovanni Fortis has written: 'De febribvs et morbis mvliervm' -- subject(s): Fever, Diseases, Women