What does frozen yougurt taste like?

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Sort of like ice cream, and frozen yogurt is creamy.
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How does sperms taste like?

taste of sperm . everyone is different in their tastes, although to most people i assume it tastes much like warm very very salty fluid. Try it once, it won't kill you or get you pregnant. Also the taste depends on what the male has eaten around 6hours before you give him oral sex. . According ( Full Answer )

What is yougurt?

Yogurt is a fermented milk product produced by bacterial fermentingmilk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as "yogurtcultures".

Do ants taste like sweettarts?

I've actually eaten an ant before, they really don't taste like anything. Kind of how oysters takes like nothing. I highly advise you NOT to eat ants if you want something sweet to eat.

What does seaweed taste like?

Actually, it doesn't have much taste. I have eaten toasted seaweed,and there wasn't much to it.

What does coconut taste like?

Well, a mature coconut in natural way, the milk and the "meat" is quite disgusting heh, it's really bitter, BUT there are many ways to prepare it, to cook it, that make it pretty tasteful

How do you make yougurt?

I think yogurt is made by introducing a specific type of bacteria into milk. Then the milk is allowed to thicken. You can add flavor to it and then you have yogurt! -AJ

What is gasoline like when it is frozen?

Actually, Gasoline or petroleum based products from Crude oil cannot be frozen. Thats why you can't make Flammable Gas ice cubes.

Is tasting blood like tasting your heart?

No. The heart is made of smooth muscle. Blood is a very special liquid. Some describe the taste of blood as "sweet iron" or copperish. Surely, you've tasted your own blood if you've ever split your lip or bit your tongue.

How do you make frozen yougurt?

There Are 4 Steps Step 1:Get A Popsicle Stick . Step 2:Stick It In The Yougurt Step 3:Wait 2 To 4 Hours Step 4:Enjoy A Nice Freezy Ice Cream More information: The texture and taste of frozen yogurt is improved if it is frozen in an ice cream maker, which is an appliance, either hand ( Full Answer )

Why does Salmon frozen 2 months tastes strange?

\nAfter 2 months the salmon meat begins to come out of its shocked state and starts to react to the air molecules around it causing it to taste a little funny

What are some frozen yougurt ideas?

1. Blend plain yogurt with nearly any fruit (don't use pineapple) and put into plastic containers. When nearly frozen, insert a stick and let them continue to freeze. When completely frozen, remove from the container and eat as a popcicle. 2. Mix fruit yogurt with already-whipped cream. Put int ( Full Answer )

Will frozen turkey still taste good?

If you're talking about a frozen turkey you have left in your freezer since last Thanksgiving, it depends on how long it has been frozen, and how cold the freezer is. Most freezers (like the one in your kitchen on top of your refrigerator) are at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and a frozen turkey can ( Full Answer )

Does frozen milk taste the same?

No, frozen milk will taste horrible. I can tell just by the taste if milk has been frozen. It is a true abomination.

Does ice cream taste like frozen yogurt?

A bit, ive tried (on mistake actually, You know when you accidently let it slide to the back and it freezes?) I think frozen yogurt is softer tbh. though it melts way faster.

Does frozen soda taste different?

Yes but not because the soda changed flavour, but because the colder something is, the more affect it has on your taste buds. Your taste buds get duller when colder, that's why cold medicine that tastes bad is better or if you suck on an ice cube before tasting something unpleasant, it makes it bett ( Full Answer )

What is Greek yougurt?

Strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese, labneh/labaneh, dahi, or Greek yoghurt, is yoghurt which has been strained in a cloth or paper bag or filter, traditionally made of muslin, to remove the whey, giving a consistency between that of yoghurt and cheese, while preserving yoghurt's distinctive sour taste ( Full Answer )

What do Lion bars taste like?

umm...taste kinda cool and crunchy but soft at the same time! I love it .. i think you will too

What does gooseberry taste like?

Gooseberries taste like a very sour grape. You have to add about 1 t of sugar to each l/2 cup of fruit.

What does a pistachio taste like?

A pistachio's taste depends if it's roasted or not and theseasoning also adds to the flavor. If it's roasted and salted theshell tastes salty and the nus tastes.....well it's like a peanut

What does a black currant taste like?

A lightly flowery fragrance matched up with an addictively pungent, almost musky flavour. Without sugar, they are so strong as to be horrible, making you wonder whoever first thought of diluting them and adding buckets of sugar.

What do mushrooms taste like?

I assume you mean "Magic Mushrooms"... they taste rather dry. Their taste isn't strong, but you may want to have a chaser of juice or something if you plan on consuming them. But be aware that if you do use a chaser, anyone who drinks it after you may catch a high too, since the spores from the mush ( Full Answer )

What does buttermilk taste like?

Like a White man under a black mans planted tree with a bit of faeces from a sheep thats also humping a dog with a piston

What does dodo taste like?

I heard that Dodo was meant to be the most amazing meat ever on this planet to eat as sailors said. I'm guessing it must have tasted ridiculously nice because it got extinct so quickly as sailors used to just live of this bird all the time....Such as chicken was around at the time but it wasn't r ( Full Answer )

What do ecstasy pills taste like?

Depends really. When you get an awesome tab (ecstasy) it taste like complete crap. You can tell you you get a good tab by the taste. The nastier it taste the better the roll will be. But either way all tabs (ecstasy) taste completely nasty.

What does quinoa taste like?

It tastes a bit nutty, like couscous or rice. It's texture is light and fluffy. Be sure to rinse the quinoa before cooking, or it might have a sour/bitter taste, or might taste too muddy or earthy.

What does seemen taste like?

lol if you typed this in then your rude like me lol it tastes like stiky milk so if you like milk then you will like it. lol

What does Mercury taste like?

Whatever you do, do not put mercury in your mouth. If you choose to ignore that, at least don't swallow it. Or touch it with bare hands. It is a toxic heavy metal that can cause neurological damage. As an amalgam with silver in dental fillings, it has the same taste as zinc or copper: flat, met ( Full Answer )

What do silkie eggs taste like?

They taste like a regular egg. But it depends if the hen is free ranged or cooped up. If the hen is free ranged the the eggs will have a stronger taste than store bought egg, because the free ranged chickens get fresh air, they can graize on grass, and eat bug. The chickens that are on egg farms (th ( Full Answer )

Do tigers like the tast of meat?

No they dont that's why they dont eat it and they eat grass and rocks that's how mountains disappear because the tigers eat it

How does biryani taste like?

Biryani tastes like rice with some spices in it. It tastes reallygood. Many people like to eat it. Its quite famous in india. Youshould try it too.

What do caterpillars taste like raw?

It tastes like some sort of odd fruity thing that is completely unheard and you will have the hardest time putting your tongue on what it tastes like............

Blood taste Like what?

well, have you ever licked iron? it kinda tastes like that, but sweeter... and it also depends on the person. and your blood type. like, if you have high blood sugar, your blood might be sweeter.... i dont exactly know. buy yeah, i kinda tastes like iron

What do tulip bulbs taste like?

Tulip bulbs sort of taste like a raw potato with a strang spicy aftertaste sort of like chives.

How much sugar is in frozen yougurt?

It depends on what store or what the ingredients are but most plain frozen yogurts without sugar only contain 7 grams of sugars per each half cup serving. Only containing 90 calories, it is great diet food :) Hope this helped! :D

What does dark chocolate taste like?

Its tastes bitter and very strong. also it is more stiff then other chocolates more chalky less creamy try a piece some hate some love i personally hate

Do cats like frozen food and if they do what?

never give your cats actual 'frozen' food it can give them digestive problems and they could get very sick, give your cats 'cat food or cooked meat' at room temperature.

Why do you not like frozen milk?

It is hard and impossible to drink. However, if you melt frozen strawberrys and refreeze the juice, it makes a great Popsicle if you add sugar to the berries before getting the juice frozen. Sprinkle sugar into juice before freezing it. Great Popsicle recipe! Again, we don't like frozen milk because ( Full Answer )

How likely is the pipe to break when frozen?

Type of pipe, how hard it is frozen and for how long all make a difference. The colder and longer it is frozen, the more likely it is to break. Steel will take the longest, then copper and PVC will break the quickest. A hard freeze into the teens or lower and for longer than a day the odds are prett ( Full Answer )

Why do frozen strawberries taste different when thawed out?

You know, it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that they aren't cold, hard, and icy anymore. Just a thought. If you mean why do they taste different when they're frozen and thawed than when they're fresh, then I'd say it's because all that time in such low temperature would change the flavor ( Full Answer )

What does Mercury look like when it is frozen?

When frozen mercury looks like an ordinary silver-colored metal. Because frozen mercury is very cold layer of frost may form on it when it is exposed to air.

What is the pH of yougurt?

Youghurt is slightly acidic in nature, hence it takes a pH value around 5 at room temperature.

What does gold look like when its frozen?

At room temperature gold is already a solid, that is how we normally encounter it. If you make it colder, it is not going to freeze, since it is already frozen. Its appearance does not change.

Does frozen coffee taste good?

It is a matter of personal opinion. Everyone has different tastes. Frozen foods are supposed to be fresh, because the freshness is"locked" in the product. However keeping it for too long afterdefrosting can cause it to taste stale. At the end of the day, it depends on the person. One previouscontri ( Full Answer )

Who invented frozen yougurt?

There are no clear sources about who really invented frozen yogurt. It was first introduced as a soft serve by H.P. Hood under the name Frugurt.

What is yougurt in Hindi?

Yogurt is known to be as 'raita' in Hindi. It could be of any of them gourd/carrot/boondi/spinach.