What does frozen yougurt taste like?

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Sort of like ice cream, and frozen yogurt is creamy.
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What is yougurt?

Yogurt is a fermented milk product produced by bacterial fermentingmilk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as "yogurtcultures".

How do you make frozen yougurt?

There Are 4 Steps Step 1:Get A Popsicle Stick . Step 2:Stick It In The Yougurt Step 3:Wait 2 To 4 Hours Step 4:Enjoy A Nice Freezy Ice Cream More information:

What are some frozen yougurt ideas?

1. Blend plain yogurt with nearly any fruit (don't use pineapple) and put into plastic containers. When nearly frozen, insert a stick and let them continue to freeze. When

Will frozen turkey still taste good?

If you're talking about a frozen turkey you have left in your freezer since last Thanksgiving, it depends on how long it has been frozen, and how cold the freezer is. Most fr

Does frozen milk taste the same?

No, frozen milk will taste horrible. I can tell just by the taste if milk has been frozen. It is a true abomination.

Does ice cream taste like frozen yogurt?

A bit, ive tried (on mistake actually, You know when you accidently let it slide to the back and it freezes?) I think frozen yogurt is softer tbh. though it melts way faster.

Does frozen soda taste different?

Yes but not because the soda changed flavour, but because the colder something is, the more affect it has on your taste buds. Your taste buds get duller when colder, that's wh

How much sugar is in frozen yougurt?

It depends on what store or what the ingredients are but most plain frozen yogurts without sugar only contain 7 grams of sugars per each half cup serving. Only containing 90 c
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Why do frozen strawberries taste different when thawed out?

You know, it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that they aren't cold, hard, and icy anymore. Just a thought. If you mean why do they taste different when they're frozen
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Does frozen coffee taste good?

It is a matter of personal opinion. Everyone has different tastes. Frozen foods are supposed to be fresh, because the freshness is"locked" in the product. However keeping it f
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Who invented frozen yougurt?

There are no clear sources about who really invented frozen yogurt. It was first introduced as a soft serve by H.P. Hood under the name Frugurt.