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fsck (means "file system check").

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Q: What does fsck mean in Linux?
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How do you check the Linux file system for errors?

fsck /dev/(device) or fsck (mountpoint) to check one disk fsck -A to check all disks

What is the linux program that finds and repair disk error?


Which Linux command can be used to repair improperly shutdown or otherwise potentially corrupt partitions?

fsck check and repair a Linux filesystem

When was Fsck - album - created?

Fsck - album - was created in 1997.

What must you do to run the fsck command on a filesystem?

fsck /dev/sda1

What of the following tool is used to check and repair Linux file system?

Depends on the filesystem in use. For the most part, fsck will be able to use a wide variety of filesystems.

What is the purpose of the tune2fs command in Linux?

tune2fs is used to adjust characterisitics of an ext2/3/4 partition, such as number of mount times before forced fsck, change the mount times counter, and set kernel responeses to errors.

What must you do to successfully run the fsck command on a filesystem?

You need root privileges, and it's often best not to use fsck on a live (mounted.) filesystem. Also you'll need to know the device file and, in some cases, the filesystem of the partition you're working on. The command is thusly: # fsck /dev/sdXY In most cases the fsck command will figure out what the filesystem is and run the appropriate filesystem checker.

What do you mean by Linux Utilities?

utilities is nothing but predefined commands in linux

What does Linux mean?

Linus Torvalds, born in Helsinki, Finland, created the Linux Kernel. So Linux is simply named after Linus Torvalds.

What do you mean by in Linux?

Linux is just the kernel. If you combine utilities that were made as a result of the GNU project with the linux kernel, you get GNU Linux, which is considered as a complete operating system

Who is credited in investing the Linux kernal?

If you mean inventing the Linux Kernel, then it's Linus Torvalds. I

Where is fsck located in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn?

It should be located in /sbin.

What tool do you use to repair a corrupt volume in Unix?

fsck is the typical command for this.

What do you mean by date command in Linux?

Exactly what the name says: It displays and sets the date on a Linux system.

Fsck meet dot com with an s?

no idea. i think it is a link to a pay site

How do you check a disk for errors in Ubuntu?

The same as in pretty much any other Linux or Unix distribution.NOTE: If you wish to repair a file system, it is recommended that you dismount it first (umm, strongly recommended, in fact).Switch user to root and issue the fsck command (dismounting the file system first if disk repairs are intended) passing the pathname of the device to be checked (and optionally repaired) with the fsck command.Most implementations of fsck include command line interface switches that permit interactive repair or automatic repair of file systems, depending on the user's knowledge levels or personal preferences. If you aren't familiar with the particulars of file system repairs on the file system to be checked, it is recommended that fsck be allowed to make it's repairs automatically.Lastly, if the file system was dismounted before fsck was run, remount file system on desired mount point and use as desired.

If you install Linux on a Windows 7 computer can you use Windows 7 and Linux?

Yes, you can. It's called dualbooting. I guess with Linux you mean a Linux Distribution like Ubuntu? Check the related link if you want to know how.

What does 'fatal error' mean?

what fatal error in linux

What is the most popular version of Linux?

Linxu is just the kernel, but I know what you mean, the most popular GNU/Linux distribution is Ubuntu

What is the lost plus found directory in Linux?

The "lost+found" directory is created by fsck when it attempts to recover any corrupted or damaged files that could not be restored through the normal recovery method or journal playback. Depending on the content of the file and degree of corruption, it may or may not still contain data that can be recovered manually.

What does fs mean in Linux?

It is usually an abbreviation for File System.

What is DC in Linux mean?

dc - an arbitrary precision calculator

What does it mean when a hard drive is mounted in a Linux operating system?

Linux is an operating system much like Microsoft Windows is. What mounting on this system mean is an additional filesystem was attached to the existing filesystem.

What is the difference between Linux and Linux kernel?

Nothing. Linux kernel is the first Linux the first Linux that came out, and it's a bit easier than every other Linux distrobution.

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