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There are 2 basic issues in regards to custody: Physical or residential custody - Which parent the children will live with. This parent is referred to as the Residential Custodian. Legal custody - who will make the decisions on behalf of the children concerning health, education, religion and general welfare. The most common form of custody is Joint Legal Custody. This is where the children live with one parent (residential custodian) while the other parent has visitation rights. With Joint Legal Custody, both parents make the decisions on behalf of the children concerning health, education, religion and general welfare. Joint physical custody Often referred to as shared parenting, it is when the child resides with both parents for a significant amount of time. This arrangement does not always work out to be an exact 50/50 split. In order for this type of situation to work, there must be cooperation on both sides. The parents would also have to live in close proximity as not to affect the child's schooling. A few years ago there was a trend towards awarding this type of custody, however recently it has been determined that this may not be in the best interest of the child. Sole legal custody Is when one parent has the right to make all the legal decisions regarding issues such as health, education, general welfare and religion. This type of custody is not very common anymore.

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Q: What does full custody mean?
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How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

When a child is born and the father is not there or never comes around does that mean you have full custody?

That does not mean you have full custody. Even though the father is not around you should still go for full custody. Theres always that chance the father could back around and that child is not with you he has just as much right to that child as you do.

What can a non-custodial parent do if the custodial parent is in jail?

That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.That parent should petition for full custody.

What does remand in custody mean?

It means to order someone returned to full custody (usually associated with ordering someone back to jail).

If legal and physical custody was granted to the mother is that the same as full physical and full legal custody?

Yes. Legal and physical custody granted to the mother means full, sole legal and physical custody.

If you have full custody can you leave the state?

If I have sole\full custody, can I leave state with my child ?

What is full custody?

when you're in full custody someone has control over you. Like the police when they have custody over you they have captured you and you're in their control.

How can the father get joint custody of his child?

By petitioning the court to give joint custody to the parents. In most state, Joint Legal Custody is the standard. If you mean Joint Physical Custody, with 50/50 Custody, this is more complicated, requiring preparation similar to petitioning for full custody.

Can a grandparent with custody move out of state with the child?

If the Grandparent has full custody (permanent guardianship) then yes they can move out of state with the child. By full custody I mean that neither of the child's biological parents have either signed away or have been stripped of they're parental rights.

I have legal custody of my cousin what is differnce between full custody and guardianship because board of social services is challenging my authority ?

Both full custody parents/guardians have say over the child. However, just because you are someones guardian does not mean that you have full custody of that child all of the time. It simply means you have say so in the childs life. This is how it was when my grandmother had full custody of me, however, my uncles were my guardians. I do not belive this particular law varies from place to place.

Can you go on vacation out of the country with your daughter if you have full custody?

yes if you have full custody you dont have to consult your ex.

If the father hasn't seen his children in 6 months hasn't come around or tried to see them or asked about them or anything so I have to take him to court to get full custody?

You can try taking him to court. This does not mean that you will get full custody.

What constitutes the right to have full custody of a child?

Understanding your use of constitute to mean what createsthe right to have full custody of a child:Two people who are legally married are considered by law the parents of a child born or adopted within the marriage.An unmarried mother has full custody of her child until the father has established his paternity legally and obtained custody via a court order.Legal adoption creates the right to have full custody of a child.In other cases not involving parents, custody is obtained via a court order. Guardianship is an example.

Do you have to have full legal custody to sign over rights?

yes you do have to have full legal rights to sign over custody.

Can a father that has temporary full custody win full custody?

It's possible. It all depends on the circumstances of your case.

If you have possessory custody. How can you get full custody?

You file a motion with the court.

What does temporary legal custody mean?

the child is only yours until a further decision is made upon the child's circumstances and who should have full legal custody

Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

How do you get full custody of a child when there is an agreement about it?

If the other parent is not willing you have to sue for full custody and have to get a lawyer and go back to court.

If your husband dies will his young child who he has full custody of be sent back to his mother or be allowed to stay with you the stepmother?

Having full legal or physical custody. If it is full legal custody the mother has given up any legal claim to the child. If it is full physical custody with joint legal custody the child will be in the legal custody parents home. She may elect to give the child up to be adopted by the stepmother. In many states (and maybe in all states) if the custodial parent dies, then the non-custodial parent gains custody, provided that that his/her parental rights have not been terminated (and just because he/she did not have legal custody does not mean that his/her parental rights were terminated). Of course, in that event the stepparent can still petition the court for custody. Check with a local attorney.

Judge granted us temporary custody when can we petition for full custody in Kentucky?

That's the common tactic in order to go for full custody, but hopefully the judge will order bird nest custody. see link below

How can a mother win full custody?

i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

What the law on mothers trying to take away joint custody from the father in Oklahoma?

Not sure what you mean but she has the right to go to court to try to get full custody. What she do not have the right to do is to break the custody order and not let the child go when itś your turn.

Can a minor have full custody of a child?


What does full care order mean for children?

Generally it means the mother has sole custody with limited access to the father.