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What does fungi need to survive?

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It uses it's enzymes to break down the starch, which is what fungi needs to survive. with all this fungi can survive

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Does bracket fungi need sunlight to survive?

No, fungi are not plants. They need food and water to survive.

Does fungi need air food water to survive?

Most fungi do, yes. Some fungi are able to grow and survive without oxygen.

Do fungi need air to survive?


Does fungi need a host to survive?

Yes. Fungi , on the food chain, is considered a decomposer. It can't survive unless it has something to decompose.

Why don't fungi need light to survive?

Fungi feed off of dead or decaying materials. Only plants need sunlight to survive, because they produce their own food through photosynthesis.

What conditions do all fungi need to survive?

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What conditions do fungi need to survive?

The conditions that are needed do vary slightly by species of fungi but the primaries are the same. Fungi prefer damp and dark places. Some of them can survive in cooler climates but mostly warmer is preferred.

What does fungi need to grow?

Sac Fungi would need a food source, so they can reproduce by reproducing spores.When they do produce spores the wind carries that spore to make a new fungi. Sac Fungi would also need humidity to survive.

What are different types of things fungi cells need to survive?

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How does fungi survive?

Some Fungi Can Survive Times When The Weather Turns Hot And Dry

Do fungi contain chloroplasts?

No, chloroplast exist only in plant cells as they, unlike fungi, need it to produce solar energy. Fungi do not require solar energy to survive and so they do not have it.

Can fungi survive cold weather?

It depends which kind of fungi.

How do microorganisms and fungi get the energy they need to survive?

they get the energy they use from decayed matter from the soil,and also from sunlight

Do fungi breathe?

No, Fungi do not breathe. "Breathing" is defined as drawing air into lungs and expelling it thereby transforming oxygen into carbon dioxide. Not all living things need to do this to survive. Plants and fungi do not inhale and exhale.

What are interesting facts about fungi?

=some type of fungi can cause death and hard to survive from=

How are fungi able to survive harsh environments?

It is able to survive by killing plants

How do fungi survive unfavorable conditions?

Fungi survive in unfavorable conditions by parasitism.Parasitism means an ability of an animal to obtain nutrients from other animals by using them as hosts. Also Fungi have the ability to survive in climatic extremes and in long periods of drought, because they have been specially designed to be resilient.

Is algae fungi?

Algae is not fungi and they both have varied differences. Algae are commonly found in aquatic environments but fungi has the ability to survive outside water.

Why don't fungi need light in order to survive?

Fungi get their nutrients and energy from decomposing organic matter, not from photosynthesis. Most are detrivores rather than producers. The exception are lichens, a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae or similar bacterial plants. One term for the way fungi feed is "saprotrophic nutrition."

How do algae and fungus help lichen survive?

Lichens are an association of Algae and Fungi. The vegetative part of a lichen is composed of algae and its reproductive part comes from fungi. Thus the combined functions of both algae and fungi help lichen to survive.

Why dont fungi require light in order to survive?

i don't know i also need help but it CAN be that fungi animal-like not plantlike but i am NOT positive at all so use ur knowledge to know if i gave the right answer!

Is fungi useful?

yes. no eco system will survive without them

How do fungi survive harsh environmental conditions?

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Why is it advantageous to a fungi to produce millions of spores?

Not all of them will survive

Can plants survive without light?

Some plants like mushrooms and fungi can survive without sunlight.