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What does fur elise stand for?

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Für Elise directly translates to "For" Elise. The German "Für" = "For" in English.

Elise was a female acquaintance of Beethoven, for whom he dedicated this work.

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Is Mozart the composer of fur elise?

No. Fur Elise was written by Beethoven.

How big was fur elise orchestra?

fur elise was a piano piece

Did Beethoven compoase Fur Elise?

Yes - Beethoven was the composer of Fur Elise.

Was Fur Elise composed by Beethoven or Mozart?

Fur Elise was composed by Beethoven.

How do you play Fur Elise on recorder?

this is how you play fur elise EE EDED FEEBC CEAB

Other than what is shown what are the notes for fur elise?

The notes for Fur Elise are exactly what is shown in the music.

What are the notes for fur elise on the viola?

you can't play fur elise on the viola!

What are the fur elise lyrics?

Fur Elise is not a song, so it has no lyrics. It was composed as a bagatelle, a short piece for piano.

Why is the music called Fur Elise?

Because Beethoven wrote it 'For Elise'

Why is Fur Elise a romantic piece of music?

Because t was written for someone he loved,Elise. "FUR" is German and in English means For. Making the name Fr Elise

How old was fur elise when he died?

"Fur Elise" is a piano piece. Being that it's not a living thing, it can't die.

Which Symphony number was Fรผr Elise from?

Fur Elise is not from any symphony. Its common name is Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor, composed about 1810. Fur Elise is the bagatelle's popular name.

What is the mood for Fur Elise?


What is the form of fur elise?

Fur Elise's form is compact rondo. Compact Rondo is ABACA. Ludwig van Beethoven composed the piano piece Fur Elise in 1810.

What symphony number is Fur Elise?

Für Elise is not a symphony ... it is a piano solo piece.

What meter is Fur Elise in?


What is the meter in Fur Elise?


What instruments were in Fur Elise?

It was a piano piece

Is Fur Elise an orchestral piece of Music?

No, Fur Elise was originally composed for solo piano. This piece may have been arranged for the orchestra by other composers.

Are there words to fur Elise?

No. Fur Elise was composed as a Bagatelle, not a song. A Bagatelle was a short piece of music usually composed for the piano, and it did not include a vocal part.

What symphony by Beethoven is called Fur Elise?

None of Beethoven's symphonies are known as Fur Elise. In April 1810, Beethoven composed a short, romantic composition, the Bagatelle in A minor, that became known as "Für Elise".

When did Beethoven compose fur Elise?

April 27,1810

Is fur Elise monophonic or homophomic or polyphomic?


When did fur elise come out?

The piece was written in 1810.

What is Beethoven most popular music?

Fur Elise