Harvest Moon (video game)

What does game mean?

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a game is for time pass business and it also helps in consentration in the game

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What do they mean by video game knowledge?

it can mean 2 things: what you learned about the game or what you learned from the game.

What does Free Realms mean by 'Game Running'?

They mean that your running the game

How do you get spupovich?

that could mean on any dbz game, BE MORE SPECIFIC ON WHAT DBZ GAME YOU MEAN

To play a borad game.?

Did you mean Board Game

How do you evolve a bakugan in the bakugan game?

Well, it depends. If you mean a video game, i don't know. and if you mean the online game, i am trying to find out.

What is a homebrew game?

there is no such thing as a homebrew game unless you mean a hacked game

Will the Hunger Games become a game?

It depends on what you mean by game. If you mean if the Hunger Games will become a real game where children will fight one another to the death, most likely not. If you mean a board game, that has been released. A video game is being considered by Lionsgate.

What does playing the game mean?

Playing a game mean a board with little chicks or any that you will win or loose......playing-join a game and to see if you will win or loose so it mean play......You play a game..........So playing a game mean...... to join a board with little chick or anything that you will win or loose and to see if you will win or loose!!Sorry that is all I know

What is Home Game of basketball mean?

the game is at their home court

What do you mean by game?

play the game it or somethink or go on a concol

How do you spell the game crochet?

You mean the yard game, croquet?

What goes game mean in Hawaiian?

game in hawaiian means the end of a game By Shadchuah

What does it mean when your sims 3 game exiting out of the game by itself?

it means your game has crashed.

What does postgame mean?

After the game.

What is the mean of you are game?

i am ready

What does it mean when you release a Pokemon and it comes back what does it mean?

it's either you didn't save the game or you have a bugged in the game...

When was Mean Streets - video game - created?

Mean Streets - video game - was created in 1989.

When did Mean Streets - video game - happen?

Mean Streets - video game - happened in 1989.

What does game executable mean?

its a program with (GAME NAME,whatever the name of the game is).exe to execute the game and play

What RPG mean?

RPG can mean either 2 things for you game fans out there it could mean Role Playing Game or for you army Fans it could mean Rocket Propelled Grenade.

What is the difference between graphics engines and game engines?

Graphics engine of course means graphics. Game engine however might mean how the game runs. That or you mean Source engine where you can download the game onto another game.

Is there a Warrior game for Game Boy advance?

If you mean Warrior Cats, then no.

How do you get spore game key?

If you mean the activation code its on the instructions to the game.

What does it mean when a game might have game bugs?

the software may have errors in it.

If you lose the game does that mean in Soviet Russia the game loses you?