What does god elect's mean?

ELECTION (from "Lecture") Those who will receive eternal life are called the "elect" The opposite of elect is "reprobate" (re + probate) (AGAIN PLACED ON PROBATION) ..."Many are 'called' but few are 'chosen'"... Those who are chosen are chosen by ELECTION. An election is chosing by vote. In this case it is a public voice-vote as opposed to SELECTION which is a "secret"+ election, usually by ballot. This election occurs "before the foundation of the world". Before you were born. In the "before-time". You are also "called" before you are chosen. Remember... "Many are called bu few are chosen." Even fewer will be "faithful" after being chosen. FAITHFUL unto death. Even the death of the cross. All who are Chosen by ELECTION were first "called". All who were "called" were "predestined" and those who were presdestined were "foreknown". FOREKNOWN, PREDESTINED, CALLED, CHOSEN (BY ELECTION), FAITHFUL This is the group you want to be in ...THE "CALLED, CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL" THE TRIED, TESTED AND TRUE THE PURGED, PURIFIED AND PERFECTED THE JUSTIFIED, SAINTIFIED AND GLORIFIED Mystery: God does not 'vote'. He 'ordains' (Orders) or decrees. Who is doing the voting to make this an election? Terry Easley terry@gcutilities.com