What does Guadalupe mean in German?

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The name Guadalupe comes from a Spanish place with the same name. It is the site of a renowned convent. In Mexico, Guadalupe is the name for the Virgin Mary; so there is no accurate translation for this name in German.
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What is the meaning of the name Guadalupe?

Guadalupe is a Spanish name for a river valley that was derived from Arabic. It means river or valley of the wolf. Actually, it is derived from Nahuatl and was transcribed into Spanish as Guadalupe because of the pronunciation. Guadalupe is of Native origin (Mexico during the colonization). Guadal ( Full Answer )

Why was Our Lady of Guadalupe named Guadalupe?

When Our Lady first appeared to Juan Diego she told him her name was Our Lady of Guadalupe, or that is what was understood by Juan Diego. When he told the bishop of Mexico City, the bishop took it to mean Guadalupe in Spain, with which he was familiar. You must remember that Juan Diego spoke little ( Full Answer )

What does Guadalupe mean in English?

Guadalupe means Wolf River. The original town and monestery of Guadalupe in Spain was founded on the banks of the River Guadalupe in an area in which wolves lived.

What does Blitzkreig mean in German?

Blitzkreig is German. What it means in English is lightning war , and the term "blitz" is applied to the bombings of various cities in Britain during the Second World War. More technically, it was the coordinated invasion by aerial bombing and motorized infantry that conquered Poland in Septem ( Full Answer )

What does HORT mean in German?

"HORT" means "play-room" or "day-nursery" . In poetry, "haven" or "refuge" .. "HÖRT" means "listen"

What does germane mean?

relevant, pertinent, fitting. eg The Judge ruled that his evidence was not germane to the case and should be ignored.

What does the mean in German?

I´m not sure if I got your question right. If you wanted to know what "the" means in German, heres the answer: While the English language has just one article ("the") there are three of them in German. You have "Der" for male words, "Die" for female words and "Das" for neutral words. For example ( Full Answer )

What does can mean in German?

"can" in the sense of being able to do something means "können".. In the sense of a can of coke or something it is "Dose".

What does it mean to be German?

Being German means that you, or someone else, is from, or has ancestors from, the European country of Germany. ___ First and foremost it means being a citizen of Germany.

What does germanic mean?

It is a word used to describe every nation or person that has Germanic roots or language.(Britain,Germany,Iceland,Luxemburg,Belgium,Austria,Norway etc.)

What is 'mean' in German?

Mean in German: bedeuten, meinen. Mean if a synonym is cruel would be 'gemein'. Just like English the word 'mean' has two mean ings. You might 'mean'(intend) to say that someone is a 'mean' (cruel) person.

What does La Basilica de Guadalupe mean?

A basilica (english word) is a place of prayer, similar to a church. La Basilica de Guadalupe would then mean to non-spanish speakers " The Basilica of Guadalupe".

What does am mean in German?

On the, or by the. Frankfurt am Main translates as Frankfurt (a town) on the (river) Main.

What does the German word stitch mean?

Stitch is not a German word, Stich, however is. Depending on context, it means stitch, stabbing pain, (insect) bite, sting, prick, stab, jab Im Stich lassen - to desert, to leave in the lurch, to maroon, to abandon

What does karneval meane in German?

Carnival. A famous carnival period in Germany is Fasching, which starts at 11.11 on the 11th day of the 11th month and lasts until Ash Wednesday.

What does oberkapo mean in German?

Kapo is actually derived from the French word for 'corporal' (Caporal) or the Italian word 'Capo'. In German it means 'foreman'.

What is German word habt mean?

Habt is the present tense second person plural conjugation of the verb haben: Ich habe Du hast er/sie/es hat wir haben Ihr habt sie haben Sie haben It means have

What does deckdatum in German mean?

Deckdatum is a term used by stud services and refers to the date a bitch/mare/cow or other female animal was serviced.It can be translated as: cover date, date of siring, date of service

What does German word blatzkuchen mean?

I am unaware of any such word in German. Please check your spelling. If you mean Platzkuchen , it cannot be translated. It is a German regional type of "cake" especially from west Saxony. Also known as Huckelkuchen or Aufläufer , the ingredients are egg yolks, wheat meal, oil, schnapps, D ( Full Answer )

What does euer mean in German?

Euer is the plural informal word for your. It is a demonstrative pronoun It is also an adjective, e.g. Euer Hoheit - Your Highness, Euer Majestät - Your Majesty

What does heisse mean in German?

In English, heisse means called . E.g. Ich heisse Bob = I am called Bob. also the adjective " hot " can be meant by that - as in i.e. " heisse Suppe " = hot soup

What does the German word glanzend mean?

Depending on context, glänzend can be translated as: radiant, brilliantly, brilliant, shiny, shining, glossy, bright, resplendent, sparkling, splendid, magnificent, famously.

What does abitur mean in German?

Abitur is the final exam you take in year 12, which further on will count for you university admission

What does Altergott mean in German when translated?

Altergott when translated means "older god" alt means old er means er and gott means god so its older god. ========= The German word for older is älter , so older god would be Älterer Gott When used as a noun, Alter translates as age When used as an adjective ( Full Answer )

What does sicre mean in German?

Sicre is not a German word. The closest I can think of is sicher which translates as: safe secure sure certain certainly definite definitely

What does the German word adresszusatz mean?

Adresszusatz doesn't really have an English equivalent but the closest translation I can come up with is address addendum . It is an extra line in (on-line) address documents for more information about the address. You could use it to put in a floor or suite number if the recipient lives or works ( Full Answer )

What does depeche mode mean in German?

According to Martin Gore, guitarrist with the band Depeche Mode, the name of the band was taken from a French fashion magazine called Dépêche mode, explaining that "It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch" The German translation would be Modedepesche Modebericht or hastig ( Full Answer )

What does basketball mean in German?

Basketball means nothing in German. Basketball is an English word. The word derived from the fact that you shoot a ball into a basket to score.

What does Anzeiger mean in German?

Anzeiger can, depending on context, be translated as: needle (of a gauge) indicator detector advertiser index gazette journal pointer marker

What does sanft mean in German?

Sanft translates as: gentle, gently meek, meekly smooth, smoothly mellow soft, softly mild, mildly silken, silky

What does the German word Niche mean?

Niche is not a German word. It is derived from the French word niche (recess), which in turn comes from the Latin nidus , meaning nest. The word means: a shallow recess, especially one in a wall to display an ornament. a comfortable or suitable position in life. a specialized but prof ( Full Answer )

In German what does da crip mean?

well, it means there crip, but, that doesn't sound right. it is what my translator said, though. So, you might have gotten the words wrong. Da crip sounds like a German speaker trying to say the Jailhouse-English phrase "tha crib."

What does VERH mean in German?

It's not an actual word. It's probably an acronym. It is possible that verh. is an abbreviation of verheiratet meaning married

What does Samstag mean in German?

Samstag is the German word for Saturday and means (as in English) Day of Saturn. It is derived from Old High German Sambaztac, which in turn is derived from the Greek sabbaton from the Hebrew Å abbatai (Star (Saturn) of the Å abbat).

What does Courtney mean in German?

It's a name that is pronounced and written the same way it is in English. It's a name from Old French, meaning 'domain of Curtius'.

What is the German meaning for kindergerten?

Kindergarten literally translates as children's garden and refers to an establishment where children below the age of compulsory education play and learn; a nursery school.

What does 'Klar' mean in German?

Klar can be translated as: clear clearly obvious obviously egg white (food) understood (alles klar) of course! (na klar!)

What does DDR mean in German?

DDR stands for "Deutsche Demokratische Republik", the "German Democratic Republic" (former Eastern Germany from 1949 - 1990)

What does German mean?

Some scholars say that "Germanus" (formerly written in Latin as "germanvs") derives from "germ", "to sow, to disseminate", "unfolding", with a conotation of spread but become and kept "relative" or "akin", this referring to the arrival of "barbarous" (but... accepted...) tribes to the borders of anc ( Full Answer )

What does had mean in German?

It's the past form of haben . I had - ich hatte you had - du hattest he/she had - er/sie hatte we had - wir hatten you had - ihr hattet they had - sie hatten

Is Guadalupe in France?

There are several towns by this name in the US and elsewhere. A large French island (French spelling: 'la Guadeloupe') in the Carribbean is also named that way.