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What does hamlet intend to make his sole preoccupation?

What does he intend to make his sole preoccupation

What does the king intend will happen to Hamlet in England?

Claudius sends Rozencrantz and Guildensten to accompany Hamlet to England bearing his death warrent.

Is it memorys or memories?

Memories, memories--thanks for the memories!

Who is Hamlet in Shakespeare's play Hamlet?

Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and the protagonist in Shakespeare's play Hamlet

What is the relationship between Old Hamlet and Hamlet?

Hamlet Sr (Old Hamlet) was the King of Denmark and Hamlet Jr's (Hamlet) father. Hamlet Sr dies at the beginning of the play and the story follows Hamlet Jr as the main character. Hope this helps, Have a great day.

In Shakespeare's hamlet does hamlet have a brother?

No, Hamlet is an only child.

Who is the hero in Hamlet?


What is Hamlet's father called in 'Hamlet'?

King Hamlet or The Ghost.

Where is the Hamlet Branch in Hamlet located?

The address of the Hamlet Branch is: 6 North Starke Street, Hamlet, 46532 M

Who is the protagonist in Hamlet?

Hamlet.hamlet is the protagonist because he fight for his dad and revenge

How many soliloquies are there in 'Hamlet'?

8, 7 of hamlet and 1 of claudius

Who is loyal friend of hamlet in hamlet?

Horatio was the only loyal friend of Hamlet.

What actors and actresses appeared in To Be - 2012?

The cast of To Be - 2012 includes: Melanie Araya as Hamlet Diane Kaye Alde as Hamlet Leo King Hii as Hamlet Izzy Stevens as Hamlet Ebony Vagulans as Hamlet Reece Vella as Hamlet Lavinia White as Hamlet

What is the description of a Hamlet?

"Hamlet" is a name.

Who dies last in Hamlet?


What Shakespeare play was Hamlet in?

The answer is Hamlet.

What is bigger a village or a Hamlet?

A hamlet

Where is the Hamlet Public Library in Hamlet located?

The address of the Hamlet Public Library is: 302 Main St, Hamlet, 28345 3300

In Hamlet how did polonius die?

he was spying on hamlet, hamlet thought he was the king so he killed him

Where was King Hamlet when he was killed?

King Hamlet was napping in his orchard, as the Ghost tells Hamlet.

What is the purpose of hamlet in the play hamlet?

hamlet is in one of Shakespeares plays. he is the main character

Does the ghost of king Hamlet instruct Hamlet to punish Gertrude?

No, Hamlet is to "leave her to heaven".

Which famous English Author wrote 'Hamlet'?

Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare.

Hamlet vs fortinbras?

Fortinbras is a foil to Hamlet. The Fortinbras is better than the Hamlet.

How does Laetres die in Hamlet?

Laertes annoints his sword in order to poison Hamlet, however at somepoint in the match (after Laertes poisons Hamlet, but before Hamlet is killed by the poison), Laertes and Hamlet switch swords and Hamlet also poisons Laertes.