What does he wants his bread buttered on both sides mean?

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It means that someone wants two mutually exclusive things.

Like wanting to go to two parties at the same time in different cities.
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What is bread and butter letter?

I believe a bread and Butter (B&B) Letter is a thank-you letter to the host of somewhere you stayed as in out of state family etc.

How do you write a bread and butter letter?

So you write a bread and butter letter by...... . Get bread and butter . Then get a pencil and paper . Next put butter on the bread . Write on the paper your name and date . Then get an envolope and write your letters destanation on it . Put the bread with butter on it in the envolope . Out ( Full Answer )

What are the examples of a bread and butter letter?

Dear Mrs.Hudson,. Thank you for sending toys,money,clothes, and food for the "Orphan shelter". They are really happy with all the stuff you gave for them, they have a lot of fun with the toys, and they stay warm with the clothes you sent.. Thanks for your help,. Orphan shelter

How did bread and butter pickles get their name?

Bread and butter pickles got their name because bread and butter together are sweet.. According to egullet.com, bread and butter pickles are named such because during the Depression, they were as regular a part of a diet as bread and butter. The difference between bread and butter pickles and sweet ( Full Answer )

What are the parts of a bread-and-butter letter?

Answer . A bread-and-butter letter has the same parts as any other letter: Dear So-and-so, Thank you for the lovely whatever-it-was. I'll enjoy it forever. Yours truly, me.

What is an example of a bread and butter letter?

A bread and butter letter is a thank-you note for someone's hospitality. A bread and butter letter should always be written in your own handwriting, not typed or emailed, in order to show that you have gone to some trouble to write it. It should arrive soon after the hospitality -- if you have dinne ( Full Answer )

Why is it called a bread and butter letter?

When you were invited to dinner in the evening, the morning after you had to send a letter by morning post thanking your host(s) and repeating some particulars of the party that you enjoyed most... As it was customary to write that letter during breakfast, or immediately after it, it was called "a b ( Full Answer )

What is the function of butter in bread?

Butter has a few functions in bread making. These include the rich taste, as well as the lighter consistency of the bread. It also makes bread moist.

The meaning of bread and butter letter?

A short, hand-written communication to thank someone who has recently provided you with hospitality, usually dinner or an overnight visit.

Can you use butter when making bread?

Yes, but the texture will be slightly different than when using lard or margarine. Also, be aware that butter often contains salt, so you won't need the amount the recipe says.

Who created the bread and butter diet?

The bread and butter diet is credited to Dr. Franklin White ofBoston College. He has claimed that whole grain bread with butteris a healthy alternative to many fat laden foods.

How do you make bread and butter Pudding?

Bread and butter pudding is a simple version of bread pudding that is a staple food in Britain. It's comfort food that can be made richer with cream, eggs and even chocolate, but the basic recipe continues to be a longstanding tradition. It's best served warm with English custard, and can be especia ( Full Answer )

What is a bread and butter speech?

A bread and butter speech is also known as an acceptance speech.This is something that is given when a person is elected to anoffice, or when a person has been given something.

How do you make bread butter pudding?

Step 1 . Preheat oven to 275 degrees F. . Step 2 Slice the bread into 3/4-inch thick slices and remove the crust. . Step 3 Prepare the bread layer. Butter both sides of the bread, and arrange into one layer on casserole dish. . Step 4 Add the fruit and sugar. Mix the fruit and 1/2 cup sugar t ( Full Answer )

What song has lyric bread and butter?

Those lyrics are in the song of the same name by the Newbeats. It was their (one) hit, and it dates to 1964. The lyrics of "Bread and Butter" begin with, "I like bread and butter...."

How many calories in bread and butter?

The calories in bread and butter are determined by the type of bread, the quantity of bread and the quantity of butter. Please feel free to ask the question again and include more details.

What is a bread and butter gift?

A bread and butter gift is the term for a thank you gift to someone who has hosted you for an overnight (or longer) stay.

Calories in butter on bread?

It depends on the type of bread, as the calorie count can vary. On average, probably about 200 calories. (100 from bread, 100 from butter).

Why did both side in the civil war want control of Kentucky?

Probably because it was in a central location between the Confederate States and the Federal states. In many ways it was a key state that, if captured, would have allowed either army to march deep into the others territory. So if the Confederates controlled Kentucky they could use it as a springboar ( Full Answer )

Is bread and butter bad for you?

Actually butter has a good hormone count, so it is very healthy for you. On the bread, it depends on which kind. White of course is less healthy than natural bread.

How do you write bread-and-butter letter?

how can i write for a sponsor who give me hopes ? thanks letters please cooperate me my email a.welday@yahoo.com Your sociability and hospitality make me so my life happy in the future thanks very much yours sincerely abraham

What does the saying It's my bread and butter mean?

To refer to something as your " bread and butter " means it is a staple or fundamental to your life ... as necessary as food ... or your profession or "meal ticket" .... by Franklelandjohnson

What is bread that has been browned on both sides?

Bread that has fallen in a poopy toilet. This is a complicated process since it can only take a real idiot to accomplish. But modern day scientists have already come up with a name for this process. It is called Aeloroptomy Ouistmerny. In 1953, John Grent came up with the process of pooping in a c ( Full Answer )

How do you make good bread and butter?

First, i put butter on a pan and melt it . Then i just place the bread on the pan (Make sure the oven is on medium heat) . I flip em' over and put more butter (put ALOT) OK its sloppy and make sure your parents don't see it unless you ARE a grown up. But it tastes great

When was bread and butter released?

Bread has been made by humans since before recorded history, as has butter. Bread and butter would have been eaten in combination since both became available. Although the sandwich is considered a relatively modern invention, it's actually no such thing: people have been using bread as edible plat ( Full Answer )

How much butter does bread need?

You can put as much butter as you want on the bread you eat. If you're putting butter on bread for a friend you might want to ask your friend how much butter he or she wants on the bread they eat.

Why does pulla bread not contain butter?

Many types of bread do not contain butter or other types of fat. Different types of bread are distinctive because they are made with different ingredients and different methods. However, typical recipes for Pulla Bread do, in fact, contain butter. See recipe in attached link.

Where did the idiom bread and butter originate from?

That would depend on which way it is being used. There are two ways to use Bread and Butter. The most common way is to use it as an idiom for one's livelihood. That company is your family's Bread and Butter. This simply alludes to the fact that without a means to make a living you can't eat. The sec ( Full Answer )

What kind of noun is bread and butter?

The noun 'bread' and 'butter' are common, concrete, mass(non-count) nouns as words for a food substance; words for things. The plural forms 'breads' and 'butters' are words for 'types of' or'kinds of'; for example: "The breads they serve are white, rye, and whole wheat." "The choice of butters are ( Full Answer )

Did both sides want the Berlin wall to stay there forever?

Neither side actually wanted the Berlin Wall. It was seen more as a necessary evil. The Western powers felt confident that eventually the East Berliners would tire of shortages and oppression and rejoin the western world, which is what happened. The Communists thought the Western workers would sta ( Full Answer )

What are the ingredients in bread-and-butter pickle?

To list the ingredients would be pointless. You need to know the quantities, the order in which to add them, and how long to process the finished product. Suggest you invest a few canning books (Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving is a good one) and use only tested canning recipes. Refer to the Na ( Full Answer )

What did emancipation mean to both sides of the war?

It meant that they had to stop fighting weather they liked it or not slaves had to be freed according to the law, even though many didn't because many disagreed with president lincoln .

What does the phrase butter your bread mean?

You normally hear this saying as "Don't forget where your bread is buttered." Which means dont forget how you earn a living. If you quit your job, how will you make money to buy food (ie: butter)?

Can a dog eat bread with butter?

It can but it is not recommended because 1) some dogs are lactose intolerant 2) dairy could be bad for your pet. The bread is fine though

Can you spread on bread with butter?

Yes, you can spread butter on bread. It's best to have the butter softened or at room temperature; it will spread more easily.

What type of website is Bread and Butter?

The website Bread and Butter is dedicated to the Bread and Butter tradeshow. This tradeshow is held twice a year in Berlin, Germany and showcases a variety of clothing brands.

What does Jimmy mean when he tells Bud that the horn is his bread and butter?

The "horn" usually refers to the Trumpet of cornet. In the US itsthe trumpet. The phrase "someone bread and butting" which is ofcourse food. Means to make a living to eat. Therefore in thisphrase, Jimmy plays the trumpet to make his living, with out thetrumpet - he'll not eat

Does bread have butter in it?

Basic Bread recipe is flour, a little sugar, tepid water and yeast.It does not have butter in it.