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This means that you are probably looking at the ground or your hands (a habit that beginner riders have) you need to look up at where you are going.

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Q: What does heads up while riding a horse?
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While riding a horse what things should you not do to convince it to buck?

If your horse goes to buck you should try to keep its head up because it is harder for a horse to buck or lay down if its head is up.

What does hunt seat equitation mean in horse riding?

Hunt seat equitation is your ability to ride your horse. Being able to post on the correct diagonals, keeping your horse in control, and keeping a good pace, and be able to ride a pattern. In showing you have an equitation class and a showmanship class. Showmanship classes are based on your ability to show off your horse while riding. Have them pick up their feet enough so they won't trip, keeping their heads up, staying in control, correct diagonals,putting your horse's nose down, and just make them look pretty. Equitation is based on your riding, Showmanship is based on making the horse look pretty as well as your riding abilities.

Why do you wear riding gloves while riding a horse?

I wear mine in order to have alot of grip on the reins. Like if the horse takes off out of no where, or your jumping, you need to keep the reins up in order for you or them not to get hurt. :) Hope that helped.

Why Julia hargreaves took up horse riding?

Julia hargreaves took it up because her mother and father went horse riding and she loved horses

When do you stop riding a pregnant horse in horse back riding way?

You can ride the mare up until she is five months pregnant.

What is inhand showing in horse shows?

Inhand means you are not physically up riding on the horse. You are showing them off while standing on the ground. A common name for this is halter or showmanship.

Why do you tack up a horse before you ride it?

When you're tacking up a horse it means your putting all the equipment on the horse. Tack is saddles,bridles and other equipment used to control the horse while riding... you wouldn't ride bareback with no bridle would you?

Should a rider of any wear a helmet when riding a horse?

yes no matter what a riding hat should always be worn while riding a horse as if they get spooked they will rear or kick (usually) and you could end up with severe head damage or even death if not wearing a hard hat.

Why do some horse riders pull the saddle up before riding their horse?

To put it where it is suposed to be

Why do clams eat sand?

u fly up into the sky and explode then go to Ireland and eat potatoes while riding a horse and farting.

How do you build up confidence in riding horses The horse I've been riding has been acting up lately and my confidence is dropping?

When a horse is acting up, you have to show them who is the boss. Most horses will try to test a rider to see how much they can get away with. Do not let them get away with anything. To build your confidence, you just need to keep riding.

Do you go with or against traffic when riding a horse on roads?

When riding against traffic, the horse will not be suprised by a vehicle coming up behind them, so it is less likely to suprise and therefore spook your horse.

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