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What does hep to the jive mean?


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mostly in my school when people say "jive" they are referring to inappropriate parts of the body or weapon such as " I'm going to grab yo jive if u don't shutout" or "shut up before i shoot you with my jive"


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you have had the hep b injections

Not necessarily. Hep B is totally different, and incurable. Hep A and Hep E usually are defeated by your body. Now if you had Hep D, then you'd definitely have Hep B, and you'd be screwed. Having Hep A and Hep E does not mean you automatically have Hep B.

To "dig" was to like or enjoy. "Jive" was literally a dance style, but came to mean what ever was happening around you.

"Hep" can stand for may things - there is no one answer - but you could be thinking of the liver as in "hepatic portal vein"

non reactive hep c does that mean i have been cured within 8 combination therapys

It stands for hepatitis. Can be A, B, or C, but is usually next to its respective letter. i.e. Hep A "Hep" is also an older slang meaning "cool" or "groovy."

To dig something is to enjoy, like, love or understand something. Jive means to tease or lie to someone. Jive can also mean to dismiss something as false, nonsensical or unimportant. Examples of dig: "I really dig The Beach Boys.", "She digs the beach.", "I dig what your saying." Examples of jive: Teasing: "Don't jive me! My nose isn't blue." Lying: "Don't jive me! I saw you with her!" Nonsense: "That's jive Mary! You know you are as pretty as the other girls."

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Cuchillo means knife Glad to hep;)

Yes, Hep A and Hep B are to different viruses. Each have their own series of injections to boost immunity. There is no Immunization for Hep C. Good luck.

It means the person thinks they are a bulls***ter.

Sincere, honest, truthful are all antonyms of "jive", when the word is not being used to with reference to jive dance, jive music, or the slang used by jazz musicians. Beyond the musical reference, most people confuse "jive" with "jibe" and use it incorrectly. Used correctly you might say "This jive turkey tried to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge!" Incorrectly... "Your story just doesn't jive with the facts".

Hep A is caused by a virus.

the jive originated from the rock and roll music in the 1950's!

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That is the correct spelling of the word "jive" (jazz music, or to joke around).

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