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it can mean "here's what happened,"and it can mean,"this is what I'm gonna do." or, "this will happen," pretty much, it means just about anything like that.

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What does heres mean in spanish?

'Heres' is not a word in Spanish. 'Eres' means 'you are'.

What does Factory Scoop mean?

Factory scoop means second hand. It also could mean refurbished. The term factory scoop is usually used when an electronics store is selling a refurbished electronic.

What does to fly the scoop mean?

scooping a fly

What is Twitter inside scoop mean?

"Inside scoop" refers to finding out things from the "inside" (like from management etc)

What rhymes with scoup?

Scoup is not a word. Do you mean "scoop"?

How many ounces in a 12 scoop?

#6 scoop=5.3oz #8 scoop=4oz #10 scoop=3.25oz #12 scoop=2.6oz #20 scoop=1.6oz #30 scoop=1oz

What does here's the kicker mean?

heres the interesting and surprising part

What does it mean to scoop someone?

The word scoop was typically used by reporters in the newspaper industry. It means to be the first to get the story and publish it before the rival newspapers got it.

What is sentence with the scoop?

The dupe dropped by with the scoop.Please scoop up your pet's waste.

How many teaspoons are in a scoop?

A 'scoop' can be anything.

When did Frank 'Scoop' Vessels die?

Frank 'Scoop' Vessels died in 2010.

When was Frank 'Scoop' Vessels born?

Frank 'Scoop' Vessels was born in 1952.

How many square feet in 1 scoop of soil?

It depends on the size of the scoop! An ice-cream scoop or a JCB digger's scoop - it makes a big difference.

How do you say 1 scoop in Italian?

uno scoop

What is the difference between scoop bottom and mid-scoop bottom?

Scoop bottom has a lower rise than mid-scoop bottom. Mid-scoop bottom has full front and back coverage while scoop bottom has full back coverage and moderate front coverage.

What does mean dcpager?

heres just a tip....go on and search that word up

What does fastaferian mean?

rastafarians you mean.Heres a link to more info:

What is the difference between 4 scoop and 16 scoop?


Who was the author of scoop?

Evelyn Waugh was the author of the novel "Scoop".

How many teaspoons does a scoop contain?

There are many sizes of scoop.

When was Scoop released?

Scoop was released on 07/28/2006.

What was the Production Budget for Scoop?

The Production Budget for Scoop was $4,000,000.

When was Scoop Smith created?

Scoop Smith was created in 1940.

What is a melon scoop?

a melon scoop is like a spoon or a ice-cream scoop it gets rid of the seeds inside a melon.

What are the lyrics to Ruggles Ice Cream Jingle?

scoop scoop yum yum ruggles ice cream premeum scoop scoop yum yum ruggles guna get me some now!

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