What does hit the kip mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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AS an English person I would say take a nap

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Q: What does hit the kip mean?
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What does the name Kip mean?

In English language kip means high hill.

How do you use the word kip in a sentence?

It can be used to mean a short sleep: He had a kip because he was very tired. It can mean somewhere that is in bad condition. The apartment was a terrible kip, so there was no way he was going to rent it.

What did Napoleon Dynamite get hit in the face with by his Uncle Rico?

Kip's steak.

Who was kip kano?

You probably mean "Kip" (full name Kipchoge) Keino. He won olympic medals for mid to long distance running. He is a Kenyan.

Is the name kip short for Kevin?

no. the name "kip" is short for "kip."

What religion is kip Moore?

Kip is a Methodist

What is the birth name of Kip Wells?

Kip Wells's birth name is Robert Kip Wells.

What is the birth name of Kip Winger?

Kip Winger's birth name is Kip Charles Fredrick Winger.

What is Napoleon dynamite's brothers name?


When was Kip Siegel born?

Kip Siegel was born in 1923.

When did Kip Siegel die?

Kip Siegel died in 1975.

When was The Kip Brothers created?

The Kip Brothers was created in 1902.