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"hola mi querido te quiero tu perfil" means hello my dear I love your profile.

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What does yo no quiero ser querido mean in English?

It means, "I don't want to be wanted."

What does Hola que tal mi querido amigo mean?

Translation: Hello, what's up, my dear friend?

What does Hola quiero pasar un buen rato mean?

It means: Hi, I want to have a good time.

What does hola mi vida como estas te quiero mucho mi mean?

, my life, how are you? I love you a lot

What does Querido mean in German?

el querido - der Liebhaber or Liebling (honey) querido (adj.) - lieb

What does querido mean?

querido means darling, loved one(male).

What does te quiero tu perfil and por favor pongase en contacto conmigo aqui en mi correo electronico privado mean?

Translation: Te quiero tu perfil = I like your profile (i.e. a Facebook profile or similar) Por favor. Póngase en contacto conmigo aquí en mi correo electronico privado = Please, get in contact with me here using my private email address

What does Como no querido a nadien mean?

*Como no he querido a alguien = How i couldn't like someone.

What does actualizo su foto de perfil mean in spanish?

That should be "actualiza tu foto de perfil", or "actualice su foto de perfil". It means you should update your profile photograph.

What does querido mean in spanish?

Querido means, dear, however in Spanish we can use Querido in 2 different occasions as an example: To star a letter with Querido Adrian, Or as an expression of a feeling, liek love for someone you say.. Mi querido Adrian

What does Purplem Hola queres verme mean?

Hola queres verme - What does this mean?

What does hola mean in spanish?

Hola means hello or hi

What does se dice hola mean?

'You say 'hola' (hello)'

What the crap does hola mean?

Hola means hello in Spanish

What does quiero que mean in spanish?

Quiero comes from the verb Querer which means to want. Quiero que would then mean, I want that....

What does hola madre mean?

In English hola madre is hello mother

What does the word hola mean in English?

"Hola" means "hello" in English.

What does hola bn mean in spanish?

hola means hello in Spanish

Hi in Spanish?

It mean hola and they saying

What does Hola mean?

Hola means hello in Spanish.

What does como es usted mi querido mean?

As you, sir, are my lover. Did you mean: 'Como esta usted, mi querido?' (accents on first 'o' and 'a') = 'How are you, my beloved/love?'

What does quiero ir mean?

Quiero ir means "I want to go".

What does quiero cinco mas mean?

quiero cinco= I want five.

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