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Q: What does hollow day mean?
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What does katniss mean by a hollow day?

Where you eat and eat but you still feel hungry.

What does the town in the hollow mean?

What does From The Town In The Hollow mean?

Who is the mean pixie hollow fairy?

The "mean fairy" on Pixie Hollow is probably Vidia.

What does korry mean?

from the hollow

Is Double Diamonds day for member only on Pixie Hollow?

No, Most of the Events in Pixie hollow, it is for pixie hollow only

What does hollow mean?

a cavity,opening,or space within somethingwhen something is hollow t has nothing inside it (when a tree is hollow it is empty)

What does erosion mean in your own words?

To hollow out

What does seek mean in pixie hollow?


How do you get one day of membership in pixie hollow?

You have to buy it.

What does 'hollow' fur mean?

Hollow fur means that each hair is a clear hollow tube which reflects the light. Some of the animals that have hollow fur are polar bears, alpacas, and reindeers.

What does kit mean on pixie hollow?

To like someone

What does jhp mean on a rifle?

Jacketed Hollow Point

What does Katniss mean by hollow day in the Hunger Games?

A hollow day is a day when no matter how much you eat, you are always hungry. In the Hunger Games, this may have been common, because lack of food would have made the people accustomed to feeling hungry. Even when they are fed properly, their bodies are still tricked into thinking that it is still hungry. Hope this helped!

What does combe at the end of a towns name mean?

"Valley" or "hollow".

What Corey mean?

Corey is an Irish name, meaning "Hollow."

What six letter words mean empty?

hollow. vacant.

Where is alison in kingdom heart?

You mean alice? She is at Hollow Bastion.

What does the name pettway mean?

It means "Hollow path" I think

What do the stars on store items mean in pixie hollow?

they mean the store item is new :)

What does the latin word cavare mean?

The Latin word cavare means "to hollow; to hollow out" which comes from the Latin word for cave, cavus.

How many times can your animal get a gift in pixie hollow for one day?


Hollow cell through which water travels?

Xylem :D have a good day

What does dent mean?

a notch or hollow made in a surface by a blow or by pressure

What does exubated mean?

The process of removing a tube from a hollow organ or passageway

What is found in the follow of a bone?

If you mean "hollow" of a bone... it would be marrow.