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Hood is the slang word of 'ghetto' where blacks stay because they don't have any money or grew up without parents.
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What does the prefix hood mean?

Hood is not a prefix. As a suffix, however, -hood means the condition of being what the stem word denotes, for example manhood, statehood; or the members of a specific group n

What is living in the hood mean?

Hood, in this case, is a shortened form of neighborhood. But the particular neighborhood has a deeper meaning. The hood represents a lower class neighborhood where minorities,
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What does hooded mean?

it means to pull a hood over someones head and hold it there
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What does Robin Hood in archery mean?

To hit a bullseye once, then hit it again by splitting the shaft of the previous arrow down the middle.
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What does the hood mean in Robin Hood?

Robin Hood was a fictional character that began in the 1200's as an oral poem. Through the years the story has changed and characters added to it. In fact, the story is still
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What does the phrase hood 2 hood mean?

The phrase hood to hood means ghetto to ghetto. The word hood is slang for the neighbourhood or the ghetto or someone who acts like they are from the hood. Similar slang is st