What does ignore mean?


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To not pay attention to.

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they are mean to you or they just ignore you they are mean to you or they just ignore you

When they forget that they don't like you and try to talk to you, you ignore them. When they try to be mean to you, ignore them. Ignore their body language to you.

Ignore means the same thing but pronounce differently. Who would ask that?

Ignore him or be snotty or be mean.

Ignore-pretend not to notice.

That's mean and selfish!

you just walk away from the

Whenever she's mean, just ignore it. Always be nice to her. No matter what.

If you mean the books then you have to ignore the directions.

Nothing, just ignore it. Don't talk to him or look at him

STET means ignore the deletion or crossing out.

You probably have a reason. Something you've been trying not to feel, like if you ignore it its not there, but it is. And your emotions are telling you- Hey! Don't ignore me!

Justin Bieber would be wise to ignore the bullies and haters because they do not mean much for his musical career.

'Bogcott' is gibberish. -'Boycott' means to ignore something.

u just ignore them there not worth ur friendship

most likely not but he might mean it but who cares about him hes the freak not you ignore him

To ignore or leave alone. If you say, "Disregard my last statement" You're telling me to ignore, forget, or not follow whatever direction you gave me.

I chose not to ignore your question but to answer it.I asked my dad for some money but he chose to ignore me.If I ignore the problem it might go away.

it means u cant hear them if they are saying mean things

ignore the fact that shes mean, she will grow up and maybe, just maybe. you guys can be together... :)

This simply means that you have heard or seen something but you do as if you'av never seen.

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