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What does in debit mean on gas bill?

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On a bill a debit is a charge, while a payment is a credit.

Yes. Credit means that you have overpaid and they owe you money.

leave it alone, your insurance will take care of it. if you have insurance however! if you don't discuss with with the cashier.

In a checking account, it means to take money from the account in order to pay a bill or money owed to a merchant.

if you mean what type of expense is a debit, a debit is a liability, so therefore it is an expense.

Jan - Debit Utilities Expense $15 Credit Accrued Expenses $15, Jan accrual. Feb - Debit Utilities Expense $15 Credit Accrued Expenses $15, Feb Accrual March - Debit Utilities Expense $12 Credit Accrued Expenses $12, Mar Accrual Feb or March (when bill is received) - Debit Utilities Expense $25 Credit Accounts Payable $25, record gas bill. and Debit Accrued Expenses $15 Credit Utilities Expense $15, reverse Jan accrual. March - Debit Accounts Payable $25 Credit Cash $25, record Check #? (could be posted in Cash Disbursements Journal).

Debit courier billCredit cash /bank

debit purchasescredit accounts payable

When your dad goes to the gas station and fills is car with gas then pays with his card the money at the end of the month will be debited from his account.

Debit - purchase deducted from your bank account Credit - gets put on a bill, and you pay it later

In accounting debit is the left side of an account. It general terms it does not mean "charge" though that is what many people take it to mean since that is what it means to them. It is incorrect to say that debit means "charge". A debit card takes money directly out of your bank account. A credit card, however does not.

"CCF" means hundred cubic feet.

Yes, in the Balance Sheet; Assets are on the Debit side of the ledger, a Debit increase occurs when there is a rise in asset values.

Debit electricity expensesCredit cash / bank

It is usually taken to mean that the amount you have payed the Gas company is more than the value of the gas you have used. This can happen in the summer months if you pay a fixed monthly amount.

Incase of expenses and assets accounts debit means increase while for income and liabilities accounts debit means decrease.

Online - Using Debit/Credit Cards At a local MetroPCS Authorized Dealer - Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards.

debit accounts receivablecredit sales

Depends. I get mine from WalMart with a debit card. The Gas Station won't take them though. Just ask them.

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