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What does independence means?

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it means that you are free from for life

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What does Texas wins independence means?

That means Texas won the war and gained its independence from Mexico.

What it means to desire and fight for independence?

it means to fight for freedom

What does the mean of azad?

It means "independence."

What flower means independence?

The Poppy

What does good government mean in the declaration of independence?

in the declaration of independence what is good government means

What does the name Tahanya mean?

it means independence

What is the meaning of'kasarinlan?

Kasarinlan means independence.

What does independence means to Trinidad and Tobago?


Explain the cultural independence that Jeffersonian Americans sought What means of expression did this independence find?


What are some slogans for independence?

independence does not only mean to be free, it means to save other's freedom

What does independence means to you as an Indian?

Independence means to me such a great relief for every Indian from illegal activities of the society.Getting free from British was not only a great relief for us.Getting free from illegal social activities was also considered to be an Independence.

How can you compare Gandhi and Mndela means for their countries independence?

both of them implemented non-violence in claiming independence

What is the Swahili word for independence?

According to one online dictionary, it is "huria," which means "freedom, liberty, independence."

What does the name yazmin mean?

It Means Beauty And Independence

What start with the letter i and means freedom?

The word is independence.

In the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal means that everyone has the same?

In the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal means that everyone has the same rights

What is Unilateral Declaration of Independence?

That is a tautology. All declarations of independence are unilateral by definition. It just means one-sided.

What means unilateral Declaration of Independence?

Is declaration of independence made by a dependent state without the assent of the protecting state

What does it means Fourth of July in Katy perr'ys song?

it means Independence day (an American holiday)

The issue of necessity may be questioned?

Independence in auditing means.

What does the flag of Belgium mean?

the flag of belgium means independence

What does the symbols mean on the hawaiian flag?

that means freedom and Independence

What is the meaning of the poem lagacies by Nikki Giovanni?

It means independence

What does the state motto mean for Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania's state motto is virtue liberty and independence that means now the have liberty and they have their independence

What it means to want independence?

To be separate from a country or organisation of countries like the European Union (e.g. the Irish wanted independence from Britain)

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