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What does innovation mean?

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In Economics, business and government policy,- something new - must be substantially different, not an insignificant change. In economics the change must increase value, customer value, or producer value. Innovations are intended to make someone better off, and the succession of many innovations grows the whole economy. The term innovation may refer to both radical or incremental changes to products, processes or services. The often unspoken goal of innovation is to solve a problem. Innovation is an important topic in the study of economics, business, technology, sociology, and engineering. Since innovation is also considered a major driver of the economy, the factors that lead to innovation are also considered to be critical to policy makers.

A new idea, product or way to do something.

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What does innovation mean in farsi?

اختراعEkhTeh Raa

What does filipinnovation mean?

innovation by the filipino for the Philippines and the global community

What is the Latin word that means innovation?

It can be hard to remember some of the Latin words that mean innovation. These words are, adipiscing, innovatio, and res novae.

What company has innovation slogan?

NEC Corporation - Empowered by InnovationGigaLane - Innovation and Excellence in RF & MicrowaveDatel (C&D Tech) - Innovation and Excellence3M - InnovationPlantronics - Sound InnovationSilicon Graphics - The Source of Innovation and DiscoveryPoclain Hydraulics - Driving InnovationPak Innovation - Innovation beyond thinkingMSI - Innovation with Style

Does innovation mean invention?

inovation means to invent something or an invention

What does Huawei mean?

huawei means focalization, innovation, stablization and hamonization

What does counting a lot of money with your partner in dreams mean?

If the money coins or the banknotes are designed with images or portray the picture of known people in the dream, then they mean engaging in innovation, religious innovation, falsehood or polytheism.

Innovation in a sentence?

Innovation - Exploration and Innovation are the key words For science

What is the Arabic word for innovation?

ابتكارBut if what you really mean is renovation then the word is:تجديد

What is the Greek word for innovation?


What is sanskrit word for innovation?


What is an example of innovation?

Innovation is creating something that didn't exist before you created it. The iPad is an example of innovation for Apple. For other examples of innovation see

What do you mean by innovation as a science push?

It means that the innovation of the product is lead by "new science" being developed, i.e. new technology leads to the production of a new product, as a pose to market pull innovation, where the market has a need, and science is developed to support the need.

What is punchline of toshiba?

I believe you may mean the tagline or slogan. "Toshiba: Leading Innovation."

What does Patriotic Groups primarily supportive of American Business and innovation mean?

ewan ko!

What are innovations?

Innovation can actually mean a couple different things. Essentially, it can mean the process of inventing something, or the invention itself.

Is the telephone an innovation?

No. The telephone is not an innovation it is an invention.

What is the zulu translation of the word innovation?


How do you say 'innovation' in French?


How do you use innovation in a sentence?

This innovation will rock the industry!

What is the motto of Microsoft Innovation Center?

The motto of Microsoft Innovation Center is 'Foster local software economy & innovation'.

How can you use the word innovation in a sentence?

Innovation is the introduction of new ideas, methods, or things. Their company is interested in product design and innovation. We must promote research and encourage innovation.

What is the adjective for innovation?

The adjective form of the noun 'innovation' is innovative.

What is a sentence with innovation?

innovation for the future is the best way to go

When did innovation occur in US?

Innovation occurs all the time.