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What does interrogative mean?

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interrogative means a question.

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What does intterogative mean?

An interrogative is a question

What does quem mean in latin?

Quem can be an assortment of things such as relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns, or interrogative adjectives in Latin. You must first mind out what it might match in order to figure out whether it's a pronoun or adjective. Quem the in the accusative case for Masculine Singular in an Interrogative adjective. It's in the Masculine and Feminine Singular case in the Interrogative pronoun. In a relative pronoun it is also Masculine Singular. In a relative pronoun it can mean "who" or "which". In the Interrogative pronouns it can mean "who" or "what". In the interrogative adjective it means "which"

What is a interrogative prounoun mean?

A interrogative pronoun is a pronoun that asks "who," "what," or "which one."qui - who, whatque - who, whatlequel - laquelle (fem)- which one

What is the difference between interrogative pronoun interrogative adjective and interrogative adverb?

what is the difference between Interrogative pronoun, Interrogative adjective and Interrogative adverb

What does introgative mean?

interrogative sentence mean word that ends with an question mark

What is an interrogative?

An interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question; for example: 'What is an interrogative?'An interrogative pronoun is a word that introduces an interrogative sentence. The interrogative pronouns are: who, whom, what, which, whose.Interrogative is an adjective that means to ask a question.

What does the interrogative form mean in french?

The question form of a sentence

Example of interrogative?

what are the examples of interrogative

What is an interrogative adjective?

Interrogative adjectives are used in interrogative sentences and modify nouns. For example, in the sentence, "What car did you drive?" The interrogative adjective is "what".

What is interogative sentence?

What is an interrogative sentence? is an interrogative sentence. An interrogative sentence asks a question.

What is another word use as interrogative?

Interrogative means "questioning." Words like "who, what, where, when and why" are interrogative.

What is the interrogative of the following sentence.He must not reach in time?

An interrogative sentence is a sentence that asks a question. An interrogative pronoun is a pronoun that introduces a question. The interrogative pronouns are: who, whom, what, which, whose. The example sentence contains no interrogative pronouns and is not an interrogative sentence.

What is the difference between interrogative pronoun and interrogative adjective?

Interrogative pronoun comes before a verb while interrogative adjective comes before a noun. Eg WHO wrote the novel rockbound? (Interrogative pronoun) WHAT book are you reading? (Interrogative adjective)

Is how are you today a declarative or interrogative?

"How are you today?" is interrogative.

Difference between interrogative word and interrogative adjective?

Interrogative words are ones that are used in place of a pronoun. Interrogative adjectives are used to modify nouns in the sentence.

What is interrogative sentence?

An interrogative sentence is one that asks a question. An example of an interrogative sentence would be: What time is it?

What does qual mean in spanish?

'Qual' doesn't mean anything, but 'cual' or 'cuál' (interrogative) may mean 'which', 'who', 'whom' or 'like' (lit.).

Three interrogative pronouns are?

Three interrogative pronouns are who, what, which.

What is a interrogative sentence for tiger?

interrogative sentence about Tiger

What do you mean by what?

'What' is an interrogative pronoun and is used when you want to know about something (not a person) eg What is the time?

What does severe eh mean?

Eh is the interrogative or intensive particle; it's common in Canada.

What are some examples of interrogative adjectives?

Interrogative adjectives are: Which, when who, how or why. Answer by:QLA

What is the interrogative pronoun in this sentence Which of these is your favorite sweater?

The interrogative pronoun is which.

What is interrogative mark?

An interrogative is a question. You use a question mark.

Is the word that an interrogative pronoun?

Who, whom, which, what and whose are interrogative pronouns.

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