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B or C answer:It means for instance, that if you fight evil, you should take care that you do not become evil yourself. This is actually the explanation for the line before this quote in Nietzsche's essay. The abyss looks back at you means that when you begin to know somthing that is fundamentally different from yourself, you take a piece of it with you and it changes you and vice versa.A answer:An aphorism is a demonstration of a profound idea that is not explicitly laid out by the aphorism. To "get" an aphorism, you have to adopt the perspective of the person writing the aphorism mapped out by the explicit situation in the aphorism. This aphorism is about the double-edged sword of free will. We are all, if we choose to be, free to care about whatever we want. Exercising this choice creates subjective moral meaning in life. However, sometimes our choices have unintended natural consequences: so there are limits on freedom. Caring about fighting monsters, in the first sentence of the complete version of this aphorism, creates the danger (unintended natural consequence) that one might turn into a monster oneself. Go find your own examples in literature and history where a person crusaded against some evil, but the cure was arguably worse than the disease. On the other hand, don't be too careful about what you choose to care about: what to care about has no answer, and things are meaningless until you give them meaning by choosing to care about them, and thinking about this too much is actually choosing to care about meaninglessness, which will rob a person of meaning. Extra credit: can we change morality and meaning and what we care about

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What does it mean if she looks you in the eye for a long time that you yourself look away and when you look back she looks away?

Nayeli i love you

What does that mean if you look at a guy and he immediately looks back?

It means he is wondering why you are staring at him!

What does it mean if a girl looks at you and when you look back she still looks at you?

Either she's trying to flirt or you have something on your face :)

What does it mean when a boy looks at you all time but when i look at him we both look away fast and he wrestles me randomly?

It means he probably likes you. If he looks at you then when you look at him back, he's in love

What do looks mean?

Answer Looks mean how you look when you look in a mirror. Do you look old, young, beautiful or ugly.

What does it mean if a girl looks at you and when you look back she looks away and it keeps happening?

For me that is an easy question, first maybe she has a crush on you or she is jut shy to look at you or ur just weird.

What is a synonym for-abyss?

Chasm, crevasse, void, deep hole, or depth. Those words mean abyss.

What does it mean if a girl looks at you and when you look back she looks away?

It means she's embarrassed you caught her looking, probably. it could also means she likes you.

What does that mean if the guy you like looks at you until you look back and continues to look until you look away and this has happened a lot?

It means he likes you and wants you to notice him

What does it mean when your crush looks at you and when you look at them they look away?

It probably means he likes you back go talk to him hang out with him atleast show him you care

What does it mean when a guy looks at you then looks away then looks back at you again?

This alone could mean many things, or nothing at all. You can tell from the way he looks at you and how he reacts when you look at him too and smile. If he looks away when notices you smile he most likely likes you but is shy. If he smiles back, he likes you - you may want to have a chat with him on the next occasion.

What does abyssus mean?

Abyssus means a downward and looks like a never ending gorge, canyon, or ravine. Abyssus is an alternate word for abyss.

What does it mean when a guys friends look at you?

It depends if they look at you and smile it might mean he likes you. If he looks and then sees you look then looks away might mean he might have a crush on you. REMEMBER! If a boy is mean to you it means he fancies you!

How do you spell aybss?

Do You mean Abyss ??

If a guy looks at you then when you look at him he looks away and he looks again does it mean he likes you?

Most likely

You're a girl in grade 11 and there's this guy in the grade 10 you don't know who always looks at you but when you notice him looking you look back and he looks away What does this mean?

He likes you!

What does it mean when you are in the lunch room a guy sitting at a the other table leans back and looks at you?

This could mean he likes you or are interested in you. It all depends on the way he look at you.

What does it mean to exchange looks?

to exchange looks means to look at each other.................

What does it mean if a guy looks at you then you look at him?

It depends what kind of look he gives you......

What does it mean if a boy looks down every time you walk by?

it must mean that he likes u but he is just to shy to look at u becuz u might look back and smile at him :) he is just shy

What does it mean if a girl looks at me but as soon as i look at her she looks away?

it could mean she likes you... or it means nothing at all

What does it mean if a boy looks straight ahead when he passes by you and never looks at you?

mostly the boy isn't paying you any attention; however, if he looks back after passing you then maybe he likes you because obviously he wanted to take a look

What does it mean when a boy looks at you and the girl looks back at him?

Well I have a guy in my class and he looks at me all the time! and I look at him he really cute and he likes me and I like him so it probably means you guys BOTH have feelings for each other

What does que lindo se ben mean in English?

"How beautiful he looks/you look/it looks!"

What is the synonym for this word abyss?

Chasm, crevasse, depth, deep hole, or void. Those words mean abyss.